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Welp, the car we bought only 11 months ago has shat itself to death, and now we need to buy a new one. Being an adult sucks ass and balls.


Tried the Triangle Strategy demo, surprised how much I enjoyed just the 1st fight, an actual boss fight, not four rebelling farmers w/ broken rakes, even lost a character. And Convictions seem more nuanced than usual video game "hippie/asshole" morality.


So, if the Wolong announcement trailer only had a "day 1 on gamepass" tag on yesterday's Xbox stream, can we expect a PS5 launch sometime? Because it has both Nioh and Bloodborne staff working on it and I'm low-key aroused.


Damn it, is Persona 2 not weeb enough for Atlus? Remaster these games, you cowards. Also a DDS rerelease while we're at it with uncompressed music kthxbye


I really hope Nintendo doesn't count on me being a responsible adult around my Switch, because that thing just took a waist-high fall onto a hard floor, right on the screen. Screen's protected and fine, I hope the console's sturdy enough to keep running.


Followed Seymour's and Chronolynx's recommmendation to give Stranger Things another try. It's been a week since and I'm a few episodes into Season 3 (a real step up in humor and horror from previous seasons). That was a good recommendation.


Can't wait for Capcom to remake RE7 in 2032. In a twist, it'll have a fixed camera and tank controls.


Dark Souls 2: Die Darker is a weird game. I fought two huge hippo strongmen, only for the Pursuer to suddenly materialize out of thin air, and after beating him I slid into a coffin that changed my character's gender. It's nonsensical, but also kinda cool


I hate shopping for clothes, and I've been wondering if I'm alone in telling myself that it's just RPG loot. I've got mostly common t-shirts and pants, but I'm hoping to one day level up to an epic business suit and a +5 tie of everlasting suave


A very cool video by illusory wall, highlighting a bunch of undocumented changes made to Elden Ring in the latest patches, among them alterations made to the AI in several duo boss fights.


Maverick was about as close to an Ace Combat movie as I could have expected. Really enjoyed it.


So appearently there are more PS oldies coming with the launch of Sony's revamped PS Plus, and you can buy them seperately. Also there's a CRT filter, which may be good? I don't know. Link in comments.


Died 0 times to Ornstein & Smough. Died 24 times to the fucking asshole sniper archers. Died an extra 7 times to Gwyndolin and endured the runback of shame, falls included, for what felt like forever. Fuck Anor Londo, fuck it to darkness everlasting.


Fuuuuuuck the New Londo Ruins. Fuck it. Fuck those ghosts and fuck Ingward, and fuck that stupid ladder in the room with 15 of those stupid ghosts. And fuck me for not just going back to the belltower and buying a purging stone. And fuck the frogs, too.


Dark Souls 1 really makes you feel weak and insignificant in a way I was not expecting, coming off of their later games. Fighting a black knight is terrifying even when I've got the parry timings down. Good game, this timeless classic of yours.


Got a ticket to Top Gun Maverick and I'm genuinely excited to see a film that I've convinced myself is an Ace Combat adaptation. Flying jets and hokey melodrama? I don't see the difference!


Saw Doctor Strange: Die Stranger last night. My impressions? Marvel should hire Sam Raimi for more movies. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


The more I play Horizon FW, the more I realize how grindy it is. May bump it down to easy and just push through the story. After 25 hours it still feels like I'm low-level and I'm just grinding machines for better stats. Don't recall ZD being like this.


Our landlord wants to raise the rent, which led to a fightgument with my SO about whether we should meet him in the middle or not. Also, I need to get an endoscopy. Appreciate that I can vent and post a dumb meme in the same post. You stay classy, Qtoid.


Ghostrunner seems like a cool game, but a combination of no mid-level saves and session breaking bugs have sent it straight into the uninstall pile. Restarting a level on a chance the bug won't happen again? Nah fuck that.


My first time playing Sekiro, I spent two grueling days trying to beat the final boss. Now, I beat him on my first attempt on a ng file (Sorry, Pat). Obscenely long text, and flaming hot ER take, in the comments.


Happy birthday Occams! You're good people and you deserve good things. Also something about teeth.


Playing Sekiro for the first time in 3 years, and... so far it hasn't been kicking my ass like it used to. Gyuobo? Nice horse. Lady butterfly? Only need the one snap seed. Flaming bull? Haha lol. And they all made me miserable on my first playthrough.


I don't usually care to fully complete games or get the plat, but with Elden Ring I felt compelled to see everything it had to offer. After 127 hours, the deed is done. I personally doubt I'll play anything better this year. Still no Bloodborne though.


Dtoid friends, are you excited for the long weekend? Anyone planning something fun and/or interesting? I get anxious before & during holidays (long history of family fights), but I'll try to actually enjoy it this year. Pic unrelated


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