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Boxman214 post reminded me I haven't shared updates of myself apart from games, movies, and TV shows. Been fighting back depression with great results so far. I missed sleeping well. Also, I'm going to be a uncle next year. Ready to be the playful uncle.


After various attempts, Half Life 2 has been beaten. I seldom agree with the praise a game is given, but not here. FPSs are not my thing and yet I have enjoyed others a lot more. Still, the ending left me thinking whether to get the expansions or not.


I am feeling better than yesterday and got to beat World of Final Fantasy. As a fan of the series, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Easy difficulty and missing characters aside, what the game shows is a love letter to fans, one that is worth playing.


Was going to celebrate that I'm fully vaccinated now by going to the movies again to watch No Time To Die, but I haven't been feeling particularly well after that second shot. As such, I'll rest and finish World of Final Fantasy. My fav way of celebration


Finally got the time to return watching TV shows. The 4th one this year was Nine Perfect Strangers. As always, I went blind to find a story that knows what audiences expect but that delivers in a very particular way. I'd recommend it for the performances.


Sora in Smash. That is all.


I will be playing this game for a while. I had no idea the gameplay was all about collecting monsters and dungeon crawling, and I'm fine with that. Possibly the closest thing to Pokemon I'll play. Loving the approach and references so far.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus beaten. That which I adore from the original NES classic is well implemented into 3D. Great combat, tough battles requiring precise reflexes, and creative platforming. Too bad the camera doesn't help. Otherwise, a good hack & slash


I had my doubts about watching Free Guy, but I enjoyed it a lot. References galore only make for a good time for us geeks. However, it is but the movie's screenplay that with a humble approach delivers a cool message. A refreshing one.


Again with ports, Street Fighter X Tekken has been beaten. That trailer years ago sold me, and I finally played it. The battle system is based on the former but that only makes me want to try a game in said series for the first time. Had a blast.


I'm so glad ports exists. Playing Jet Set Radio is real fun. Sport games don't really do it for me but this mix of racing and platforming works wonders, and that presentation is a sight to behold. I won't listen to the word 'radio' the same way ever again


Uncharted Golden Abyss beaten. For a 2011 handheld game, I am amazed at how it looks and plays. Apart from the forced touch controls and some weird lines within the dialogue, this is an Uncharted game in all. I enjoyed playing it just like the PS3 ones.


Got around catching a leak for PlayStation Showcase tomorrow including Bloodborne 2 announcement and a God of War Ragnarok trailer. I don't precisely trust it but if it does end up being true, then good for us.


PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale turned out to be a good game to beat during the weekend. Sadly, its online component was turned down in 2018. Despite the missing opportunity that it is, it was nice seeing those PlayStation characters interactions.


It's for games like Tearaway that platformers are my way to go when I want to have a good time and just have fun. Loved the use of gimmicks and also I am now convinced to try Little Big Planet.


Injustice God Among Us has been beaten. Having played the PS3 version before the Vita one this time, the port feels just right. Not being a big fan of graphics to be honest, the fighting and roster did all the job. I'm curious about the MK9 port now.


Finished watching The Godfather trilogy. I have to say the first one still is a milestone. Part II had a lot going on falling apart in the process and part 3, though released years later had to make amends. My rank: 1, 3 (coda), and 2.


Review: STAY

The main focus of this medium has always been to entertain us players, and with the passing years it has also evolved into something greater that in some cases, within the whole video game spectrum, tackles real life without losing th...


Klonoa Door To Phantomile replayed. The platforming captivated me just like it did when I first played in 2012. Still a minimalist and humble game with a lot of heart.


And that's A Boy And His Blob beaten. The art style goes hand in hand with the innocence of these two characters. This made me feel like when I was a kid with no worries and was able to humbly enjoy games.


A 3 hours long movie can be tedious, but not this one. It's amazing how great writing and a near perfect pacing can make any subject interesting. I did some research and the game released back in 2006 is recommended for fans. Have you played it?


Though I still haven't beaten Tekken 2 with every character yet in this replay, the intro alone is a reminder that good sequels do exist. The core experience never gets old and being able to play as Jun is always welcome.


When I watched Judy back in 2019 I got interested into watching Judy Garland's most influential film. It's clear to see how this has been referenced a lot over the years. It's characters, heart, and humble but strong message is timeless. A true classic.


Now I get why this movie was trending by the time of its release 11 years ago. Besides the always top notch performance of Andrew Garfield, the script is very well done making this an interesting watch whether you like Facebook or not.


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