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I wish I could get notifications when people respond to my comments. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible. Created my Dtoid account about 3 years ago and have never gotten a direct message or notification, etc. Oh well. Is the problem Disquss?


Tried to subscribe to Cruchyroll for a month to watch some anime and try something new. Sign up failed. Not sure what I did wrong. Why do they make it so complicated? Oh well. Fuck it. Plenty of other things I can do. Ha ha.


At this point I`m starting to expect Ubisoft to be bought by Microsoft or Sony. Seems like everything I hear about them is bad news. Delays, cancellations, etc. Can`t say I`m really excited about any of their upcoming games. Assassins Creed Japan maybe.


I`m sold. A.I. art is the future. I can`t wait for A.I. generated movies or t.v. shows to appear. Can`t be any worse than what we got now. Don`t believe me? Check out any "as an 80`s movie" search on Youtube. Example......


Found something fun on Youtube. Type in "as an 80`s movie" and see what shows up. Here`s Bloodborne.


I`ll take a Legacy of Kain prequel or sequel any day now. The rights to the franchise got sold right? Give me an announcement that something is in development.


If there was one single thing in this universe you would change, what would it be? Me? I`d allow for a "mixed" review on Steam. Too many times I`ve had to give a game a bad review simply because Steam has no mid, mediocre, or mixed review option.


Is Neil Breen the greatest actor to have ever acted?


RiffRaff is Dtoid. Happy Birthday. We love you.


What`s the best "you had to be there when it released" type of game? For me it is probably Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast. That game was revolutionary and decades ahead of its time. I love it. By 2022 standards, it is unplayable dog shit.


Has anyone watched The Witcher: Blood Origins yet? The reviews seem to be unanimous with both fans and critics hating it. Even sites like Polygon are criticizing it. I almost feel like I need to watch it myself. Could it be a case of so bad it`s good?


An accurate representation of what conversations with my family sound like during Christmas.


Darktide? Not seeing much news on this game. Thoughts? I love Ogryns. I also love the music and art design. Very Doom 3. A game I enjoyed and will defend with my life. So far my biggest complaint is how demanding the specs are.


Fun fact about the Green Ranger.


Best name in a video game: Burblespue Halescourge.


Movie hot take: The theatrical cut of Aliens is better than the directors cut. Only part of the directors cut I thought was better was the gun turret scenes.


Did I miss Dtoid`s review of Resident Evil Re:Verse? Games been out for about a week now. What`s the verdict? Does it live up to the hype?


That new Hellraiser movie seems to be getting good reviews. Haven`t seen it myself. I don`t have Hulu or whatever streaming service it is on. I`m glad to hear it is doing well though. I`ll try to check it out if I can.


New Slipknot album just released. It`s on Spotify.


Just bought the first 2 Deus Ex games on GoG for $.79 each. Also bought a Legacy of Kain game for less than a dollar. Random complaint: I wish these games or stores would mention controller support. I got my pc in my living room plugged into my tv.


Gamemaniac was born today. He or she is a maniac. For games. I assume.


I know we have at least a few Warhammer 40k fans on Dtoid. Who`s your favorite primarch, faction, or legion? I love the tragic story of Angron. Love the Death Guard pre-Nurgle and what they can do. Disease resistance/DoT resistance appeals to me.


I hate posting twice in one day. Feels greedy. But Nate Diaz vs. Khamzat Chimaev is a thing. We`ll see how that goes. I`m just a casual on these things but I am a fan of MMA. Can`t wait to see how it ends.


When is the Resident Evil 1 remake remake going to happen? I know it is unnecessary but it will happen eventually. Just a matter of time. My guess is it will be after the RE4 remake and then followed immediately after RE 9. Maybe some weird VR thing.


I miss "Game of the month". These days I`m lucky if I even have a Game of the Year.


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