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Hottest hot take you`ve ever hotted. I don`t see a spoiler tag thing to click on so I`ll put it in the comments. Be warned. This take is hotter than lava. Molten magma. The surface of the sun.


That music in Final Fantasy 14 is some of the best. What`s your favorite song? I can`t decide. I like Insatiable, Hades phase 1, Qitana Ravel Unwound, and Ultima. Ultima from a Praetorian run. (Not the big fat taco/deep fried taco song.)


Is this something I should be embarrassed about? I`ve never actually watched a Harry Potter movie. I haven`t read any of the books either. It was after my time. How would it be for an adult? Is there a chance I could enjoy it? Watching Dr. Mike.


I can`t get enough of it.


Ha ha. Youtubers are quick. Seems like just about everyone has a video on this.


This really spiced things up.


Yes! This is the first time I`ve ever had the highest rated comment on a Youtube video. I`m happy.


If you`ve ever wondered how time works.


Do you ever enjoy games you are terrible at? Currently playing Forza Horizon 5 and get last place every time. I don`t care. I`m having fun with it. Ha ha. Same with fighting games. I am the worst at playing them but still love them. Street fighter 6....


How is this even possible? Do you know what would happen if I tried this? Broken bones. That`s what would happen.


This looks like so much fun.


Any Dotoiders looking for friends on PC. Maybe not a friend but more of an ally. Hit me up if you need a coop partner. I`m Just Aaron on Steam, GoG, and Gamepass PC. Currently playing Aliens:Frireteam on GP and Nioh 2 on Steam. Knock me up.


I think the spam bots have figured out how to upvote comments. I`ve been getting upvoted by "Free Sex", "Adult Dating", and "Seem my bio".


Best boss fight in Nioh 2: Blue ice guy with the sword. I can fight a boss a hundred times and not remember what their name is. That fight is like a dance and is probably my favorite. He`s like the best parts of a human fight mixed with the best of yokai.


I see. So that`s how you do it. I was wondering what I was doing wrong.


I`ve fallen into the Warhammer 40k rabbit hole on youtube. Been watching lore videos for a few days now. Never played the game or read the books. Looking forward to the new game coming out. It`ll be my official introduction. Orks say Waaaaaaaah.


If anyone is playing Alien: Fireteam on PC, knock me up. This game is pissing me off playing it solo. I died and have to play the whole level over again.


Sports I didn`t know existed.


Hey Dtoid. What`s your favorite restaurant? Call me crazy but mine is O`Charleys. Everything from there is good. At least in my opinion it is.


Is it too soon to post New Years resolutions? Mine is to quit drinking. Got drunk last night and inhaled a 6 pack and a pound from Taco Johns. Worst part about drinking is how hungry I get. So, I`m going to try and go a whole year without any beer.


Forgive me Dtoid for I have sinned. I bought Aliens: Fireteam on PC. I know it`s a bad game but I must play it.


Every game I was interested in has disappeared from the face of the earth. Scorn, also known as H.R.Giger: The game. The Forest 2. Timesplitters Remake. Where are you? I need some news! Do they still exist?


Yo Dotoid!I need your opinion.I`m bored and thinking about buying the Steam VR thing. Last time I looked it was about $1,000 USD or more.Waste of money?Would it work as a good 120Hz monitor? What if I just wanted to use it as tv that blocks out everything


Just got the windows 11 update. What do you think? Is it ready to use/safe to use? Or should I keep waiting and stick with 10 for now? I`m in no hurry to change anything.


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