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It's #screenshotsaturday so I hope you don't mind me uploading some gameplay shots! Here's Cheins delivering the final blow to Megametal, mid-boss for the Cybo stage.


Current opening scene for LVL99! From the title screen to a little cutscene and straight to gameplay. Maybe we'll add more explosions and fire and exploding undead.


It's Friday! Time to grab a beer and slide-backflip into an alien larva! We call this move the Beerflip. Gotta have a beer in your inventory first, though.


"What the FUCK is a Bubsy?" Accolade team 2017


I know zombies are cliché, but they're still fun to crush!


We included Parry mechanics to our game in hopes to get some evo-moment sweetness going on!


Making our own Action-platformer game

Remember when over-the-top violence was awesome? (protip: the 80's) Well, here at Master U.O.M.U games we still live in that time, and we're making a violent action platformer just to prove our point, and pay homage to our beloved ret...


About Felipe Choqueone of us since 6:39 PM on 11.07.2009

Working on LVL99: AxeRage. It is an homage to our team's golden gaming age, from 80's to 90's.

The beta demo is out! Try it if you like this kind of stuff!
Titles like Megaman X, Castlevania, Street fighter, and Super Metroid, are the inspirations that drive us to create this game. It includes a B-Movie feeling as well, because we just love that stuff! Gore, fantasy sci-fi, robots, aliens, and apocalyptic scenarios blend in perfectly with our vision for an action packed adventure, so in the end LVL99 AxeRage is a reflection of all the badass brutal stuff we enjoy, and we hope you can enjoy it as well!

Demo should be available around September 2017! If you like the style, consider following or supporting us!

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