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I am very excited to unveil the Nintendo Switch trailer for Belle Boomerang! Preorder today on the Nintendo eShop!


Here's a scene from Act 2 of my upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Belle Boomerang! Happy Screenshot Saturday!


Just doodling around with some pixelart! These are based on characters from an abandoned project. I tried to stick to a very Gameboy Color-esc style. Enjoy!


You can preorder Belle Boomerang today on the Nintendo Store!


Happy Screenshot Saturday!


Here's a friendly reminder that Belle Boomerang releases for Nintendo Switch on April 15th! Happy #screenshotsaturday!


Wish list Belle Boomerang today on the Nintendo Switch! The full game will be available on April 15th. In other exciting news, Belle Boomerang is now available for $7.99 on all storefronts. Have a great week!


​It's been awhile since I've shared some good, classic footage of Act 1. Enjoy!


Whipped up some little controller diagrams for the Nintendo Switch version of Belle Boomerang!


A little peek inside the music of Belle Boomerang.


Some feedback I frequently received on the PC version of Belle Boomerang was regarding the backdrop in Act 3. I decided it was time for a little polish. Thoughts?


Happy Screenshot Saturday! Here are a couple little palettes you can try out in Belle Boomerang! Don't worry; There are still plenty more to uncover.


Here's a preview of the new "box art" I plan to use for Belle Boomerang on Game Jolt, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms! Any suggestions before it goes into effect?


This bizarre palette is one of my favorites in Belle Boomerang! Which enemy here do you like the most?


A background scroll from Act 3 of Belle Boomerang! Is this something I should do more of in the future?


Version 1.2.0 just released, including an overhauled controls screen! But for those of you waiting for the Nintendo Switch version, here are some pink friends in the meantime! Have a great week!


Some blue enemies from Belle Boomerang! Which one would you spare? This color palette is probably my favorite in the game, as evident from my profile picture :)


Jump on these sewn friends to reach greater heights! I was really happy with the feeling of "weight" in their movement. I'm considering a sound effect when landing on them. Any thoughts?


Some fantasy controller designs that I plan to use in Belle Boomerang! What game controllers does it remind you of?


Get your boomerangs and Joy-Cons ready... I'm proud to announce that Belle Boomerang will be coming to Nintendo Switch! Stay tuned!


Don't worry! There's more Belle Boomerang news on the way! In the meantime, enjoy a Screenshot Saturday!


I'd like to give a huge shout out to John Walker who wrote a charming little article on Carni-Forest! It absolutely brightened my day! Give it a read and support John on Buried-Treasure.org


Carni-Forest is playable on itch.io using the link in my page! It was created in just 10 days for GBJAM10!


Some custom trading cards I made a while back. Enjoy!


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