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it's too bad that facebok.com redirects you to facebook and it's not a social networking site for chickens


sigh... i didn't finish any of the free epic store games i got at the end of 2020. oh well. at least i started skateboarding again, and thats the true win from 2021 in my book. and im damn well gonna shred into 2022 like a mofugger


is it that time again? End of year lists? My fave games this year, despite being released in 2021 or otherwise: Death's Door, Death Stranding, The Eternal Cylinder, Hades, and Cookie Clicker.


Merry Crimbus yall! Be safe, merry, horny, and happy


So at my wife's firing ("it wasnt a firing!" they said, via zoom) when my wife started crying in front of them, the HR person then started asking if she liked dogs and then proceeded to SHOW HER DOG ON CAMERA in hopes of cheering my wife up. WTF!!


feels good to be clicking cookies again, finally bought the steam version. Why do i love this game? is it the pixel art? the humor? the gameplay? Orteil managed to capture some real magic with that game, and like Dark Souls, its not for everyone.


double post dangit sorry yall


I was in the top .5% of Buckethead listeners in 2021. And Battlefields was my favorite BH song. Makes sense, it's a banger


Had great Thanksgiving, hope y'all did too! No drama, and delicious food. And done before 8pm. Perfect.


Havent been posting much lately here, but some turn over at work has promoted me? I'm to become mr . Manager at the optical store i work at get a hefty raise along with it too! Maybe my wife and i can start saving for a house finally!


Havent been posting much lately here, but some turn over at work has promoted me? I'm to become mr . Manager at the optical store i work at get a hefty raise along with it too! Maybe my wife and i can start saving for a house finally!


I barely played any video games last week. I spent a substantial portion of my evenings putting my skateboard together, doing chores, thinking about skateboarding, and even playing a lil music on my basses. Pictured is my board after first time out.


fuck trump and fuck him for doing the chop so close to me in my home (he is at the brave stadium atm, i live about 1-2 miles away from it)


Give me your nu-metal deep cuts and favorite songs. I'm going on a deep, deep, nostalgic bender for music i started discovering in 98-99 and then abandoned in 2002. Gimme your best/worst, i probably listened to it recently. I recommend Kittie!


jeez, qtoid suddenly became a food porn pintrest


It there a difference between NFT's and Star Citizen?


Welp. I bought another skateboard deck. Got it from a cool independent board maker called Sea Rat Skateboards, i got one of 8 boards made! still need to decide trucks and wheels, it's shape is kinda egg like, just seems really fun to play with.


Started playing Control recently, and I am enjoying it. I wanted to see Dtoid's take on it, i tried searching for it on dotoid's search function futilely a few times before googling it, which provided immediate results. Didnt dtoid use google in the past?


Upgrading my wife's computer was a success! she had a pre-built Lenovo with intel cpu i bought her 2 years ago that had the pci-ex slot for a vga card but not the space for my old, bigger one. check the comments for more details and pictures


If PC doesn't power on, first thing to check is psu, cables and/or power switch, correct?. Man I hate troubleshooting hardware, having to screw and unscrew things repeatedly. Has anyone ever used microcenter's PC help before, and do you recommend?


Anyone here play WoW:Ascension? Basically, it's wow without class restrictions, allowing any race to pick any spell from any class. It's dope. And there's another project on the horizon for a WoW with new classes and abilities that looks supes exciting


Met a person today, who asked me about my creatures on my shirt. They were pokemon. She was 2 years older than me. Don't think I've ever met a pokemon virgin before, she thought pokemon GO was the thing they were from, and didn't live in the 90's, I guess


is gentrification a sort of capitalist class-warfare technique? sorry its just a random thought and no one has to reply if they dont want to


Looking forward to seeing both John Mulaney and Patton Oswalt, two of my most favorite comedians, this fall. Also, #covertoid: Denzel Curry- Bulls on Parade


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My favorite games meld music, art, and gameplay to enhance one another, elevating the product to something beyond mere "consumption"; it's an experience. Not everyone will like them, but they do gain a passionate following. Sorry if anything I said sounded pretentious, I am trying to be sincere. I love music and art, I've dabble in both for over 20 years now, so I appreciate games that put love into their art assets, animations, character design, level design, music, sound design, storytelling, and voice acting, even if the gameplay is simplistic (as long as it's fun!). These games also tend to feel nice- the control has a certain snap to it, enhanced by the visual and audio cues. This list may be biased towards my adolescence and childhood favorites from the SNES and N64/PSX days, so bare with me: you will see a lot of retro favorites. If your favorite is not on the list, it's probably because i didn't play it as a child/adolescent, or as an adult, for that matter.

In a somewhat random order:
Chrono Trigger
Super Smash Bros Melee
World of Warcraft (Classic/Vanilla)
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
Dark Souls
Demon's Souls
Banjo Kazooie
Katamari Damacy
Shadows of the Colossus
Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Meat Boy
Donkey Kong Country
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Human Fall Flat
World of Horror
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Super Mario Odyssey
Metal Slug 3
Tokyo Jungle (an odd one, for sure, but i love it so)