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First time playing, shits gonna get real


I want Berserk! but with Cazca being the one found under the tree of corpses; basically switching the roles between Cazca and Guts, and Cazca has to save Guts at one point cuz a fish armored man kicked him in the nuts.


will it ever end? 128 hours and still nowhere near the end in ER. yet im still having fun? i keep going back to old areas and finding little bits i missed before or outright ignored. Fungus, overtake me! Let thine spores penetrate my every pore!


Took a break from the Elden Ring grind to get back into the Hades grind, I forgot how satisfying that game feels to play. Just the right amount of frames and sound to make the action impactful


Fucking ay the world needs to go to a 4 day workweek with no paycut from a 5 day, and make that shit mandatory


as some of you may know, i recently got a big crt tv for a $1.22. What i didnt mention is the other stuff i got with that bid: A vcr player, A dvd/mp3 player, some cute animal tapes, a dvd-r of Midnight Tease 2, and a mystery tivo. That tivo calls to me


each week edges closer and closer to completing my wife and i's retro game/nerdy collectible room. It's still mainly the "Storage" room for now until we fill up out book shelves


oh yeah, its that time of the week


Behold this 27" beauty! Svideo, composite, AND component cable inputs! Weighs 91lbs! 20 stair steps down and 13 up! Only cost gas mileage and a buck twenty two at an estate sale website, maxsold.com


Despite the shitty day, at least my wife won the auction for a Sanyo flat screen CRT tv, for $1! Comes with vhs, DVD player, and a random assortment of DVDs and vhs tapes. This TV is gonna go in my retro game corner!


Man, firing someone for an addiction feels like the worse thing in the world. Truly had a knot in my stomach since 4 pm, and the firing/termination happened around 6 pm. Still feel that anxiety, but it's over. I do wish my ex-employee the very best


This has been a very long moving process. Apartment had German cockroach infestation, which maybe is fixed. But the living room rug is to be replaced next week due to PISS SMELL, so I still can't unpack living room stuff.


I really do love Godrick's rune. +5 to everything? Yes please, especially since I started as a deprived


Feeling a lot better today, thanks for y'all's support. *Hugs*


Oof what a week. Moved to new apartment. Grandpa died. I e of my employees was way too late, twice, this week, possibly due to alcoholism. Honestly don't know what to with that one, since she's on the verge of homelessness, too, and has had many chances.


i reached...peak...fashion...souls last night. I don't think i'll change my armor at all anymore.


Toei had a huge data breach this weekend, causing a huge hiatus on their current run of on air episodes. Apparently One Piece is on indefinite hiatus because of it, my wife only found out recently due to her Pre Cure not airing like usual last night.


https://www.newyorker.com/culture/persons-of-interest/hidetaka-miyazaki-sees-death-as-a-feature-not-a-bug This a fascinating article my wife pointed me to. It reveals a lot about Miyazaki and why he is.


ITT we post our favorite Elden Ring memes and goofy screenshots. Spoilers abound! im still about halfway through the game, but i don't care. Show me what lies beyond as long as its funny


WTF YOU CAN USE L3 TO SORT ITEMS BY ORDER OF ACQUISITION! It's not perfect, cuz it still categorizes certain items a certain way (think of how longswords and shortswords are grouped), but it does put them in order acquired! Thanks SA forums!


Fringefolk heroes grave is a real POS.


What's the weirdest thing you stumbled into in Elden Ring? For me, it's still hearing random monster screams near those crucified ppl. Yet they don't move. And sometimes they don't scream. There's an area like that near the starting point, near the bats


If I did have to complain about Elden Ring, 60+ hrs in, it's that the nap needs a breadcrumb feature ala BOTW that shows you where you've traveled. Sometimes you feel like you saw a merchant sell something interesting, but which one?


i bet Slurm tastes like Mountain Dew and rare-steak


Who is menashe? Did I miss something?


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My favorite games meld music, art, and gameplay to enhance one another, elevating the product to something beyond mere "consumption"; it's an experience. Not everyone will like them, but they do gain a passionate following. Sorry if anything I said sounded pretentious, I am trying to be sincere. I love music and art, I've dabble in both for over 20 years now, so I appreciate games that put love into their art assets, animations, character design, level design, music, sound design, storytelling, and voice acting, even if the gameplay is simplistic (as long as it's fun!). These games also tend to feel nice- the control has a certain snap to it, enhanced by the visual and audio cues. This list may be biased towards my adolescence and childhood favorites from the SNES and N64/PSX days, so bare with me: you will see a lot of retro favorites. If your favorite is not on the list, it's probably because i didn't play it as a child/adolescent, or as an adult, for that matter.

In a somewhat random order:
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Super Meat Boy
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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Human Fall Flat
World of Horror
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Super Mario Odyssey
Metal Slug 3
Tokyo Jungle (an odd one, for sure, but i love it so)