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I made some more of those dumb golf pictures. (More pics in the comments).


Man, Neo Turf Masters on the Nintendo Switch gets super real, super fast. (more pics in the comments).


Hey look. My "Top 20 Games of 2016". Now with 100% more pictures.


Haha, I sure do buy lots of stuff.


Oh sweet, we're doing Comictoid now?


All these X-Men Apocalypse billboard haters are looking at it wrong. It's straight kink and it's kinda hot. We should have more kinky billboards like this.


I may or may not have spent an obscene amount of money on the new Nintendo Vans shoes today...


This month’s indie box is pretty fantastic. I've played Dust but never got around to finishing it. Guess now is as good a time as any to clear it out of my backlog.


Looks like Marvel is really trying to branch out to bring in a whole new audience for their new Captain America - Steve Rogers comic.


Metal - - - - - - - up your ass.


Definitely going with Rowlet as my starter for Pokemon Sun/Moon, especially since I've seen his final form!


So that new Doom statue is pretty fantastic. And by fantastic I mean AMAZING!


Michael Berryman is my spirit animal -


Everyone seems to be waxing poetic about the Wii U today with all the new NX news so I figured I'd join in with some of my favorite Wii U eShop games. So many amazing games to choose from!


Decided today was a good day to treat myself to something nice -


What if Nintendo announces a new Metroid game at E3 and it ends up being "Other M 2" made by Platinum Games.


When you have too much time on your hands and too much money in your bank account.... when did I buy all of these!?! And why?!


About ChillyBillyone of us since 7:08 PM on 02.03.2007

I'm the former Community Playdate Manager for Destructoid. Looking to play some games with other Dtoiders? Check out the forums and watch the blogs and front page for all of the fun!

I'm definitely more "collector" than gamer these days. Sure I still play my Wii U/ Xbox One/PS4/Vita and 3DS, and I love them all, but I just don't have the free time to play them like I used to.

I started my gaming life on an old Atari 2600 that my dad bought us for Christmas. I used to frequent the local arcade (early 80's) and I have a passion for anything pinball.

As of this update (2/20/2016) I currently have:

50 Consoles
61 Handhelds
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Comic books? Yep, I read 'em. Here are some of my all-time favorites.

Cerberus the Aardvark

Groo the Wanderer

Howard the Duck

Usagi Yojimbo


I also love music, all types really. If I had to pick a favorite album of all time I would have to go with:

The Cure: Disintegration. This album is perfect, from beginning to end.

My daughter is also a gamer of sorts, here she is lavishing in all of her Nintendo plushies:

Oh yea, did I mention that I love Pinball more than any other game ever? Because I totally do.

I also like to doodle when I'm bored, as seen below

I drew that when I was bored.

Sometimes, when I'm not gaming or collecting I'll post blogs, here are a couple recent ones:

ChillyBilly's Hidden Gems - Nano Assault

Tales from the Battlefield - Operation Rolling Hell

My Time so far with Battlefield 3

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