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I know I played the fuck out of this game.


So I bought Animal Crossing and have been enjoying it, but my girlfriend started a new save and... she can't make her own island? Not only does she have to play on my island, the game doesn't even teach her how to play or let her make any decisions? Wtf.


Well I tried to shout out a cool little indie game but I couldn't get videos or pictures to work and it takes ten minutes for shit to appear so I can see if they worked so fuck it. The community is cool but this site is frustrating as fuck to use.


Do you like FEAR? Do you wish it had a sequel that wasn't utter garbage? Boy do I have news for you! I just finished the Trepang2 demo and it was a blast. It's all slow motion dive kicking and blowing limbs off before they hit the ground and its awesome!


What's an album or piece of music you'd love to see reimagined in video game form?


The most soul crushing part of content creation is that the stuff you pour your heart and soul into and spend so much time and energy on gets completely ignored while the stuff you fart out in an afternoon gets all the attention and praise.


Disco Elysium might be one of the best games I've played. I'm on day 3 now, and man... this game is hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measures, and maybe a little bit too real for me. I can't stop thinking about it though... it's consuming me.


So I just read about what Microsoft is calling their next console and... Man. Someone just needs to take this horse out back and shoot it. They need a Nintendo switch level comeback at this point.


I feel like someone turned my draw distance right down. Or I live in silent hill. This is what my town looks like due to the smoke from the bushfires.


Seriously fuck this weather. It's too fucking hot and humid and the bushfires are causing it to be ultrasmokey outside. Like I can barely see across the road.


Every time I hear any news from any part of the world I just feel sad and tired. Shit seems fucked everywhere and it's exhausting. I just hope y'all have something that helps you get through the day and puts a smile on your face.


I was not prepared for how damn good star wars fallen order would be. I'm only on the second planet but I've fallen pretty solidly in love with this game.


Man Halo Reach on PC is fantastic. It sure is awesome when the fucking ambient noises are louder than your guns and every npc sounds like they're talking over a 2005 headset.


Do you ever have those times where you don't play anything new because you're in a shit mood and you know you'll unfairly hate on it even if it's amazing? Yeah I've been feeling that for the past 2 months.


I feel like whoever composed the Darksiders Genesis soundtrack is super into Nier Automata. Oh, and Darksiders Genesis is amazing.


Bleh. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Had a rough couple of weeks. Should hopefully be back here more now.


So I played Daikatana for the first time and... It's pretty good? Granted I installed a fan patch that fixes the issues but it's an absolute blast. First episode sucks but once you go back to ancient Greece the game is awesome. Underrated as hell.


This weekend I discovered a quake level editor called trenchbroom. It's pretty powerful, but also surprisingly accessible - kind of like mario maker but 3d. I watched a tutorial and had a working level in 20 mins. Worth a look for aspiring game devs.


I've been thinking Dark Souls success is kind of due to how it recontextualises and modernises design philosophies that the industry had moved on from prior to its release. It showed things we ymused to do due to limitations can actually be tools to use.


I think my brain is broken. I'll spend 2 hours fiddling with game settings or modding it, and then play it for 10 minutes and turn it off. The weird part? It won't feel like a waste of time because I enjoyed the tinkering part. Anyone else do this?


I feel like the worst response you could get to telling someone your kink is "yeah, that makes sense."


Well my 3ds finally died... So I decided to download citra and try emulating the games I own. Firstly, 3ds games look phenomenal upscaled in hd - and secondly metroid: samus returns controls so much better with a gamepad! Much fewer wrist cramps.


For some reason my brain keeps forgetting it likes jrpgs. I do this thing where I don't play them for a while because I think they aren't for me and then I play one and am like holy shit this is amazing.


About whybmonotacrabone of us since 7:38 PM on 08.22.2019

Hi, I'm a grown ass man who's user name is a reference to Adventure Time. That should be enough for you to make your mind up about me. If for some odd reason it isn't, allow me to list some games that are very special to me so you can further judge me.

Dark Souls
Life is Strange
Super Metroid
Hollow Knight
Disco Elysium
Yakuza 0
Trails in the Sky
Ys - All of them
Actually, just every Nihon Falcom game.
Fallout: New Vegas
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Resident Evil Remake, 2, REmake 2, 4, Code Veronica, & 7
Silent Hill 3
Half Life 2
The Evil Within 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Skate 2
Tony Hawk Underground
Persona 4
Guild Wars 2
Mass Effect 2
Both Prey games.
Star Ocean 2
God of War 2
Burnout 3
Gran Turismo 3
Ratchet and Clank 2
Jak 2
The Last of Us
Uncharted 2

I could honestly do this all day. But you get the picture. I love metroidvanias, platformers, rpgs, skating sims and 90s fps games - but more than that I love when a game from a genre I'm not typically into sucker punches me and makes me pay attention.