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Monster Hunter Rise is a game about fighting, big jumps, and running on walls in a Japan-inspired setting. And we're getting trained by a dude in a mask. So this is the kind of battle music we should be getting, right?


I can only assume there’s a Pokémon player out there somewhere with a Corviknight named Corvid-19.


I have to wonder if the next year of PS Plus freebies are going to be good for PS4-only owners. Like, give us the big stuff since PS5 is the new hotness.


Are we gonna have a Dtoid hunting crew when Rise comes out?


Tried the CTR demo on Switch. It seems to be a fun, well-made game, though I think I would get more out of it if I played other Crash games first.


It's official: hindsight is 2020!


As much as Dragon Quest Builders 2 improves on the original, it’s hard not to notice that the area themes seem to be mimicking those of the first game. Comparisons in comments.


I got Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Christmas! Though I feel I should point out that I bought Pikmin 2 for the Wii nearly 8 years ago and still haven’t played it.


Ah, December 26th. One of my favorite days of the year, because it was when you got to play with all the cool new toys you got for Christmas. That’s not so much the case these days with all the adulthood responsibilities, but I’m still fond of it.


Merry Christmas, Dtoid folks! Stay safe in your travels and visits (if you get to have any)!


Hope everyone is having a good Christmas Eve! Don’t shoot your eye out!


Bold of you to assume that I played anything that came out this year. Except Fall Guys, I guess.


More like Cyberpunk 2007 amirite?


Gee whiz, it sure is weird that they didn’t put Billy Bob Thornton’s name in the credits of Mandalorian S2E1! I feel like such a dumbass.


Barely made it in before the end of the year.


Welp, it’s been 2 years since release. Time to get back into Smash.


Finally started The Mandalorian. I’m not a Star Wars guy, but I can see why this is popular. It seems like the Star Wars universe is better suited to a running series rather than a set of movies. I guess that’s why the EU existed?


Heh, "night soil". But why is it pink? These people have had nothing but cabbage to eat for at least a week.


Is Dishonored any good on PS4, or does it suffer without mouse and keyboard? I bought it on Steam years back, but my PC died before I got a chance to play it, and it could be a long time before I get a new one. It's $6 on PS4.


After seeing enough of these, I've decided that Phoenix Wright is the world's best argument simulator.


I recently started Dragon Quest Builders 2, and my early impression is that it improves on just about every aspect of the first game. Also, Malroth is best edgy boi, and watching villagers line up for meal/bath/dump is never not entertaining.


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