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Been slowly working my way through Samus Returns. I haven't experienced the hand cramps that caused me to quit last time. Just finished getting all the upgrades I think. Overall I'm enjoying it.


Finished Metroid last night! It was really fun after I got a few upgrades. It was a good challenge. Next up Samus Returns.


Beat kraid in metroid. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would based on the first few deaths. I'm starting to get the hang of it


I want to play through the 2d metroid games but I'm having difficulty starting with metroid. Looking for a good guide. I'm planning on using NSO save states and rewind to the max


Finished Link to the Past! It was a pretty fun time, harder than I remembered. Used the NSO rewind function and save states kind of a lot towards the end. Not sure what one item I'm missing but I guess you don't need it to beat it.


Still working through Link to the Past. I'd been trying to get by without a guide but I needed it to get the last 2 bottles and now to find the entrance to the 6th dungeon


Happy Father's day everyone. I'm having a great first father day. Had pancakes and some pool time and I'm getting in some time on Link to the Past


Started Link to the Past last night. I haven't played it in a long time. It's so good.


I played some of that there Prime 2D demo. It was impressive. I'm surprised how well it translated the locations from Metroid Prime to 2D. Not a huge fan of the controls though. Don't think I'll be following the development or anything.


Late to the party but I started Hyrule Warriors: AoC tonight. Decided not to carry over my save data from the demo. So far I'm enjoying it


Finished Donut County. It was cute. I played via game pass streaming on my phone which mostly works. Can't see myself playing many other games like this though


Pretty excited about this new Lego set they just announced. Will go well with my Saturn V, Apollo 11 lander and ISS sets


Finished Donkey Kong County. Was a fun ride but I somehow only got 58% completion. Must be a ton of secrets I missed but I'm too lazy to play with a guide


TIL Donkey Kong County was released for game boy color in addition to SNES. Also GBA. So when are we getting GBA games on switch?


I'm working on my first playthrough of SNES Donkey Kong County on my switch. Trying to decide if I should use save states between levels. On the one hand I want to play the original game. On the other hand I kinda suck and don't want to lose progress


I beat Celeste Classic 2, it's much harder than the original. There's some impressive speedruns out there already. I will not be submitting my run


Played through A Short Hike, it was delightful. Gotta love a game I can finish in a day


I'm done trying with Hollow Knight. Just can't get past the Watcher Knight. Oh well I still had fun. I think I'm done with Moonlighter too. Just didn't really click for me. Started Swords of Ditto, really like the art style.


Happy new year dtoid! Time for my annual twilight zone marathon


Merry Christmas everyone! Update on me, being a dad is going well, sleep deprivation is real and my gaming time has been cut back a lot but I'm very much in love with baby. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!


581 hours this year. Pretty good games this year


So I guess I'm a dad now. Mom and baby are doing great!


Just started moonlighter, I'm really enjoying the gameplay loop so far and the art style is awesome. Favorite animation so far is getting out of bed


I finished double cross. Not a huge fan. The platforming in runbow was much better and the story was just alright. Hopefully 13am makes some other good games but this wasn't it for me


I beat chapter 9 of Celeste! Only took me over 24 hours of playtime and over 8000 deaths


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