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Have been binging Lightning Returns all weekend. Such a weird game, awkward in almost every way, and yet I love the whole vibe of it. World is ending, random people that want you to do menial things for them, time-based mechanics. It just works for me


Husband and I seem to have bronchitis simultaneously so it's been a very rough week, but also a nice reprieve from work. Time for some sickly splatoon time


Currently replaying xenoblade X on my wii u with my husband after beating 3. Every single game is amazing in its own ways cuz wow does X really knock it out of the park in fun and interesting world design in a way that 1-3 just haven't matched, imo


I didn't expect to, but I am really enjoying Strangers in Paradise. There's so many flaws, but it's just fun to play, especially with my husband. I hope it gets a proper budget/care if they ever make a sequel, it has lots of fun potential I think


Finally finished xenoblade 3


Been feeling so extra fatigued after work. And some minor chills. I think I may have been mildly sick all week and just didn't really realize it


I really wanna show Crystal Chronicles to my husband, but the remaster took away alot of what I enjoyed about the original in terms of feeling like a single group from one town, so now I'm literally considering buying a GC,2 SP's, adapters, and whatever


Decided to take a sick day tomorrow. Not actually sick, but it's dumb that I accrue all this time and then feel bad about ever using it. Mental Health day it is


It's been many many hours of Xenoblade 3. It goes hard on those first few area themes, I love how good the music is already. Doing pretty much everything I find, but that's also left me very overleveled for story stuff lol


Happy Xenoblade day everyone! It's rare for me to be so excited for a game these days, so it's nice to savor the hype once in a while. Have a great weekend!


I softmodded a spare launch Switch I had that's been laying around since I got my OLED. Was fun to tinker with, but the only real thing I'm using it for is the custom themes. It's always fun to see what people come up with


While being frustrated with my work's VPN issues, I stumbled across Wario64's Best Buy GoW Jotnar Edition tweet soon enough that I was somehow able to get a copy before it inevitably sold out after like 2 minutes. Pure chance but glad to have it


First day back from 1.5 week vacation. It was a fun time, I did lots more than I usually do, and watched Breaking Bad (great show) and Everything Everywhere All at Once (amazing movie) and got some cool art from the local anime/comic convention


Have been spending my weekend alone blitzing through Talos principle. I haven't been so engrossed in a puzzle game since I stumbled upon portal all those years ago


Finally diving into Talos Principle. So far is am loving its quiet, serene vibe. A perfect summer afternoon game to play so far


I got a bit into Children of Morta yesterday, it's a fun time so far. Though I get way too attached to one character and get sad when the game wants to make me Switch to another lol


HUsband is leaving for the weekend to visit some family, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I haven't had that much free time alone in so long, I'm not even sure how to handle it. I might try out Xenogears/Xenosaga though


Been indulging alot on a steam sale for the first time. Got myself and my husband Talos principle, v rising, don't starve together, and an old childhood favorite MDK 2


Just got Tunic for my Steam Deck, excited to be able to try it out. Bonus super blurry doggy plus kitty picture. Secret hidden kitty in the door


The news is bleak today. But just for my own sanity, I'd like to share some nothing good news in that it's super cool to be able to refund a purchase on Steam. Hat in time is on sale now and they refunded me so I can buy it at the lower price, it's nice


While at first I could find little appealing about it, now that I'm giving the Steam Controller a real chance, I am loving how nice it feels. Though I still wish it had a second stick in addition to the track pads


I finally got Hat in Time for the Steam Deck yesterday. I only dabbled around in the first level but I already love the whole feel of it so far. Seems like it'll be a fun time.


I have been really loving emulation on the Steam Deck. It feels both odd and yet right to be able to sit in bed playing Thousand Year Door or Eternal Darkness. I just need to find a competent USB hub/"dock" for it, and I'm not sure which would be good


Had a fun weekend tinkering with the Steam Deck but I did that thing where I waste all my time just testing out various games and settings instead of just sitting down and enjoying any single one of them as an actual game -_-


Elden Ring strategy guide will be hard cover, come in 2 volumes, and has 512 pages each. No way I'm passing these up


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