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Impossible Lair is very fun, but I think the platforming and music crown stays with Tropical Freeze between the two. Though it's like choosing between two delicious meals, anyway


Binged Tropical freeze and now playing yooka laylee impossible layer. Honestly it's the music that's keeping me going from stage to stage


Today spending alot of time on my first ever pure visual novel, Clannad. I loved the anime way back when, so it was a natural first pick. It's nice to go down memory lane with the music and characters


Trying out The Last Story for the first time since it originally came out. Despite the *very* rough appearance, especially compared to Lost Odyssey, but they were really onto something with the combat gameplay, wish it could have seen it evolve


Just platinumed Ragnarok, took 80 hours playing on the difficulty below the hardest, can't remember the name. What a special game, it's definitely my personal goty, I'm sad I won't see the what's next for who knows how long


Tried out Signalis and Prodeus, absolutely love the art style of both, and that's not even speaking of their gameplay. Awesome games so far. Taking a break from Kratos after a ragnarok marathon yesterday


Ragnarok is of course going very well so far, loving it. Also slowly making progress in Omori. What an interesting little game. It says I'm still in the prologue which is a bit scary cuz it's been a while now lol


Was very surprised to learn we have no work/classes tomorrow. I haven't been so surprised by a day off in a while, but that makes today feel so much nicer now


It's Dad of Boy 2 (5?) day and we have a storm coming and still have work ahead of me. Bring it on


Sonic Frontiers has managed to keep me interested past the first level, which is a big thing for me and Sonic games. Not gonna be my GOTY but I am honestly having fun with it, so that's pretty cool


We've been playing Marvel Legendary recently, our first deck building game. It's alot of fun, but I am eager for expansions cuz the base game seems pretty easy to blast through so far


I introduced the husband to Gauntlet: Dark legacy. It was such a nostalgia trip to play through it with someone for the first time since childhood. Now he's into the franchise and we're doing slayer edition on ps4


Had a rough, swampy couple of days since someone obliterated a power pole outside the property overnight. FPL had to work nonstop for 2 days to fix it. Power is back now, thank goodness, but now comcast is saying we should have internet when we don't :(


You know one of the best feelings? When you show someone you care about a game, thinking hey it'll be fun to play together, and then they get deeply into it on their own. I love that feeling.


Started Fringe at many peoples' recommendation, I'm already very intrigued, had a nice intense hook. Also Prodeus is super cool, having alot of fun with it


Husband and I did our first bar crawl today. Fun times :)


I've only seen a couple of episodes so far, but Cabinet of Curiosities has been a fun ride. Love to see the differences between the various directors


Edgerunners is a pretty show. I don't know what they're talking about like 90% of the time but I enjoy looking at it.


Finished showing my husband "Lost". There's alot to make fun of in that show, but I still get emotionally invested. The music in particular was always a strong point for me. Now to find something else to try and get invested in, which is always difficult


Primehack on Steam Deck is essentially my childhood dream come true


Going back to a game I beat to try some DLC feels like visiting an empty house I just moved out of. It's so hard to feel invested again


I very much enjoyed the Rings of Power, what a fun ride. Now time to play video games all day with the husband


What do you do when you can't sleep and stay up all night with your thoughts


I played Ring Fit Adventure for the first time. It was cuter than I expected. Was thinking something more like Wii fit or whatever, but it seems to be having way more fun with the process lol, I'm a fan


Thankfully mostly safe from Ian's path but still close enough to have work/classes cancelled for tomorrow. Still, hope everyone in the actual main path stays safe


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