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Got Death Stranding and Spiderman Remastered this week. Never played a Kojima game before so the style of that game has been...interesting. Spiderman is where I'm having the most fun, though open world games are hard for me to get through these days


So, finally catching up on Daredevil season 3 for reasons... Heard nothing but good things, which is a relief after how Defenders single handedly killed all my interest in the Netflix Marvel shows.


Deep Rock Galactic is finally releasing on PS4/PS5 in January. I've missed it since my SO's laptop broke, but now that it's coming to playstation we can finally play together again. Highly recommend it to anyone that needs a new co-op game to play


Wedding present to ourselves: a C1 OLED. I have been looking forward to such an upgrade for years, and now I'll finally have it. Took a 10 inch hit on screen size compared to my current LED but I'll get used to it.


Got my tickets to Spiderman for Thursday the 16th in the early afternoon. I didn't even realize it'd be showing so early. It's also right after we arrive to our hotel for our short vacation/honeymoon so it'll be a great start to the weekend


Ended up getting Pokemon Pearl so match SO's Diamond, hoping maybe this is the one that'll compel me to play in a way similar to some of the older games did. But sadly seems like I'll slowly be plodding through the game a few minutes at a time each night


Finally got through to all the endings of Replicant. A very bold game, though there's apparently a huge wealth of lore that I just didn't see in-game that's pretty cool


Beat Route A of Nier Replicant, skipped most of the side quests though. Hoping to do another run through after I finish Route B, which is...so nice. Reminds me exactly of my favorite bits of Lost Odyssey


I got very into Nier Replicant over the weekend. I didn't realize how varied the gameplay could get, it's very cool. I think my favorite part so far has been the first visit to the Forest of Myth


I swear my brain has no interest in actually playing games until it's like an hour before bed. Bonus points when you can't find yourself focusing on games all weekend only to get into them finally at 10pm on Sunday night. My brain sucks.


Gamepass on sale for $1, so now I can try out Back 4 Blood. Nice!


Currently helping to manage a big important meeting of doctors, and one of the meeting leads is Dr. Hospital. Reminds me of Doug Bowser, I guess sometimes you're just destined for certain jobs haha


After years of starting and stopping, and now months of not really being able to focus on many other games, my fiance and I have beaten Divinity Original Sin 2. What a special game, and I feel like I barely even scratched the surface after all that time


I love OLED displays. Doesn't matter if it's the 1st or 100th time I turn on my OG Vita and now my Switch OLED, I'm always impressed by the display. Now I just need money for an OLED TV. One day.


I have my first new employee under me the same week I started my position as "manager". But I certainly don't feel like one. Also Metroid and new Switch tomorrow, that's keeping me going after the very emotionally draining week I've had


I am more than happy, and think this is absolutely one of the best choices for a final fighter. Also really cool mii costume choice, you know the one.


Picking through my job's health insurance options is stressful. It's like taking bets on my own health/potential need for medical service in the future lol


Officially "Media Operations Manager" at work. It's surreal to think I actually have benefits now, but I am very glad


Of the recent comedy shows I've started watching, I think Nora from Queens is the best. But big shout outs to Miracle Workers and Avenue 5 for also being hilarious in my humble nobody opinion


As awesome as that direct was with those big announcements, I also want to take a moment to appreciate that I'll be able to play Banjo on a Nintendo portable. That was like my dream during the DS days when they made Mario 64 DS, and now it'll be possible


I finally tried out Operation Tango with a friend last night, and it's a super fun co-op game. Reminds me of It Takes Two in that it's pretty much an entirely different experience for each person


For like the 4th time, the fiance and I are trying to get through Divinity 2. Not that we didn't love it before, we just always got distracted by other games. So tired of Fort Joy at this point, though lol


I played through The Citadel DLC in Mass Effect for the first time and I finally understand why it's considered the best. Loved everything about it


After starting off as a student employee and being given a temp position, I'm now being offered a manager position in my office as a full timer. For the first time in my life, I'll have benefits! And be part of a union!


Been playing 2-man Tribes of Midgard with the husband. We suck. For now, at least, but it's a fun game. Worth the $20 so far, at least


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