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I got a bit into Children of Morta yesterday, it's a fun time so far. Though I get way too attached to one character and get sad when the game wants to make me Switch to another lol


HUsband is leaving for the weekend to visit some family, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I haven't had that much free time alone in so long, I'm not even sure how to handle it. I might try out Xenogears/Xenosaga though


Been indulging alot on a steam sale for the first time. Got myself and my husband Talos principle, v rising, don't starve together, and an old childhood favorite MDK 2


Just got Tunic for my Steam Deck, excited to be able to try it out. Bonus super blurry doggy plus kitty picture. Secret hidden kitty in the door


The news is bleak today. But just for my own sanity, I'd like to share some nothing good news in that it's super cool to be able to refund a purchase on Steam. Hat in time is on sale now and they refunded me so I can buy it at the lower price, it's nice


While at first I could find little appealing about it, now that I'm giving the Steam Controller a real chance, I am loving how nice it feels. Though I still wish it had a second stick in addition to the track pads


I finally got Hat in Time for the Steam Deck yesterday. I only dabbled around in the first level but I already love the whole feel of it so far. Seems like it'll be a fun time.


I have been really loving emulation on the Steam Deck. It feels both odd and yet right to be able to sit in bed playing Thousand Year Door or Eternal Darkness. I just need to find a competent USB hub/"dock" for it, and I'm not sure which would be good


Had a fun weekend tinkering with the Steam Deck but I did that thing where I waste all my time just testing out various games and settings instead of just sitting down and enjoying any single one of them as an actual game -_-


Elden Ring strategy guide will be hard cover, come in 2 volumes, and has 512 pages each. No way I'm passing these up


It's amazing what just the thought of time off does to my mood. I asked for the first week of july off and even though I'll be too broke to actually go on vacation or do too much, it's what's keeping my mood up each day this month. Probably lots of games


had a nice weekend of re playing Xenoblade 2 in ng+ and trying out Outriders. Aside from the very generic lame main character, it's a fun little time with my husband. Satisfying gameplay loop at least. And also our Steam Deck is this week!


So psn I guess is having trouble? Told me I didn't have ps+ and thought I guess it lapsed and re subscribed. But apparently it's just glitching out and now I think I paid unnecessarily -_- just love paid memberships for multiplayer


I'd forgotten about the Steam Deck but got my email today. Guess I'll be having a new portable PC soon


Trying to get all those Blue Ribbons for the Infinite clash in the clouds dlc is brutal, but I will accomplish it. I finally watched the original Blade Runner movie. Eager to move onto the more recent one that I've heard great things about


Managed to miss one upgrade station, keeping me from Bioshock 2 platinum :') I'll need to come back to it for a quick run through, but for now it's 1999 mode in Infinite


Randomly got the urge to play Bioshock again this weekend, so I went ahead and got Platinum for the first and husband has now started the second. I love Bioshock 2 so much, especially the music


My husband and I were about to finish up Stanley Parable, but got distracted by Peggle 2 instead. I forgot how simply addicting that game is


I did the thing and bought Stanley Parable since reviews were so vague about it and insisted it's absolutely amazing. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. It's kinda funny so far, but I'm hoping there's an "aha" moment for me where I understand


Landlord hired some very much not too professional contractors to renovate some stuff on the property. We both explicitly tell them "do not cut any wires attached to that bedroom 20 feet away". Next day what do I find? Internet cable was cut :'(


I started Cyberpunk on PS5 this week. It seems like it'll be fun, but it is so sad to know the life path thing is essentially just different beginning conversations. I assume nothing about that has changed in any patches?


Finally beat Elden Ring! Honestly relieved because I was so ready to move on. Husband and I have just started No Man's Sky and I've really been enjoying how nice it feels


Elden Ring is very good, but even it is not safe from my open world burnout. I'm about ready to move on from the game and play something much tinier. Actively looking forward to beating the game so I can move on for a while lol


After playing about I think 20% of Red Dead Redemption 2, I have come to the conclusion that I suck at being a cowboy


Finished Violet Evergarden. I enjoyed it overall, and now it's back to gaming. I decided to finally try out RDR2 despite never having played the first. Not usually into western media but would like to give it an honest shot. Won't be touching online


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