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Season 9 of Sea of Thieves hits tomorrow and with it comes some changes that solo players and smaller crews might enjoy. -World Events now scale to crew size (they were balanced for 4 players before) -Harpoon drops loot onto the boat directly


Sea of Thieves has kicked off an event in celebration of its fifth anniversary (20 March). Some pretty sought after cosmetics are available (limited time). Link to the event will be in the comments. Also, preview of Season 9 at 1100 CST today.


On 7th of next month a bunch of games on the 360 marketplace are getting delisted link in comments.


What's the chances DICE/EA drop this game faster than they did BFV?


No more FPS boost to Xbox backward compatible games. Link in comments.


Found this off reddit. A group of folks trying to fund a book celebrating the original Xbox. Link below.


When was the last time someone raged at you in a voice message (on Xbox/PS/PC)? I got a few recently and I felt weirdly nostalgic about it.


Don't know if this was posted but if you're a Metal Gear fan some games are being delisted.


Don't get old.


For folks that want to play Forza Horizon 5 earlier than normal. After purchasing the premium add-on pack change your region to New Zealand and then you'll have access at 7am EST. Remember to change back it back after Forza releases this Friday.


LGS here had Modern Horizons 2 pre-release kits and I pulled these.


Here's code number 2.


Had to replace a bunch of controllers and now have 6 codes for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to give away.


Just wanted to share this ridiculous 900k loot steal by my crew in Sea of Thieves. Galleon crew spent all day accumulating this loot and ended up losing it to us in a crazy 2 hour chase.




Here you go.


More PS5 save transfer nonsense.


If anyone was afraid that you'd have to buy those $220 expansion drives on Series X/S fear not. This is the transfer time (minutes) from moving Assassin's Creed Origins (49GB) from different drives.


New feature for folks that hate waiting for games to load. Edit: Feature is available NOW apparantly. Just went to Xbox app and every game I tried (5) were available to download. Be aware I'm in the preview program.


Seeing stuff like this has made my whole day.


With Series S at $300 and PS4(D) at $400 will the majority of console owners be digital?


PSA: If you're planning on getting a Series S to play backwards compatible games then be aware that the S WILL NOT apply any One X enhancements to the game. Meaning you're going to get the One S version of the game.


I'm back into paper MTG since about Tempest.


Veterans on D-toid AAFES has the Animal Crossing Switch up. Link in comments.


Took close to a month to arrive but was worth it. I personally hadn't seen a FF6 soundtrack with a slip cover until finding this.


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