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On a non-robot and soup related note, please port Jade Empire and Dragon Age Origins to Switch. Sincerely, a skeleton.


Shout-out to my Catholic "friend" who just tried to convince me and some others to donate to a "Christian charity" that upon even a surface-level dig turned out to be an anti-homosexuality, anti-abortion organization. Oof.


Alright, I've beat every game in the Master Chief Collection but Reach. (Gonna do Reach with a buddy.) AMA.


No jokes, Sarah Z just makes really good videos.


What if Arcane just replaced Shimmer with Cocaine? Arcaine.


Hello, Menashe. I advise you watch this and deeply consider your actions. Deeply.


Horny jail for every last one of you.


Daily reminder that DC introduced a character who was literally Cthulhu Batman and did nothing with him. Spooky Man out.


Okay, this may be a divisive take-- but can we not declare games "GOTY" or "the best game ever" before we've even played them? Was in a convo with some friends today and they were saying that Elden Ring not having 100 on every site meant critics were bad.


In Street Fighter VII, Ryu just starts stabbing people with broken bottles.


Forgive me Father, for I have gamed.


elden ring? more like elden schwing.


There is a photograph of me having an anxiety attack with Johnny Yong Bosch in the frame looking chill as fuck. I paid $40 to have it taken. I do not regret it.


I want Bayonetta 3 to cross over with Lady Gaga. Make it happen, Platinum.


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