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I have to drop my favorite Revelation spoiler in the comments. It is so fucking bonkers.


I have the power of... THE METS, BABY! It's ALL about the Mets!


You are all going to horny jail. Dismissed.


Skeletor and Skeletor. Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait.


Everyone I liked from Part 1 is back, fuck it I'm in.


I've heard that 'Supie Robot War' game has robots in it.


People of Barovia, Strahd von Zarovich is a bitch-ass motherfucker.


Oh, hey, Madness Project Nexus is on Steam. That's a blast from the past.


Girlfriend and I hit Candyman and Venom 2. Candyman was a really good piece of horror cinema. Venom 2 was delightfully over-the-top. Fun night!


guys i don't think spike is gonna make it out GUYS


Yo, link me to all the cool Dracula merch you motherfuckers can find. The cheaper the better!


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