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Okay but the actual worst thing about The Batman is causing me to play Arkham City again and realize I don't really like Arkham City.


Liked The Batman. Quite a bit actually. My only real complaints are in the comments.


Finally gonna see The Batman tonight. Hoping Batman is in it.


i am going to become a shark, farewell


Blood Drive people said my heart rate was too high. Demanding a rematch.


i know you're here dracula you big fucking nerd


Girlfriend took me for JJK 0 yesterday since it was my birthday. Liked it a lot.


thgy put da mastre cheif n de sodre


They should make a third National Treasure.


Okay... I'm not a Guilty Gear fan... I love the new Testament design on the whole but I'm also gonna give them this-- they're HOT AS FUCK now.


Y'know... a lot of Dragon Ball's issues would be solved if the heroes weren't dumbasses.


Finally watched Blade Runner 2049. Liked it. Cried at the end. Life is good.


I would fistfight Strahd is all I'm sayin'.




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