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I usual don't make so many quick posts so let's see how this works out: Remember how some people said the Mario 1-2 theme sounds like Friendship: Let's Not Talk About it? This is 2 years older. Note: Embed doesn't seem to work. Go to 1:18.


VGMLs dGecko made another game/pop music comparison video from PhilsPhindings. Thanks a lot Gecko!


Phils Game/Pop Music Similarities Classics #25

Featuring Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake and movie/traditional music. Greetings fellow game music lovers, again due to health issues I have to use a classics entry again. Since we had Metal Gear related entries in the last weeks, it will b...


VGMLs dGecko released the third episode of his game/pop music comparison videos inspired by PhilsPhindings. As usual, thanks a lot Gecko!


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