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Rumours I've heard today: there might be a State of Play or PS5 event on the 6th, and Halo Infinite may have a Battle Royale mode. One yay, one uuuuhhhh, didn't they say they wouldn't? Source for the latter in comments.


Gundam Extreme Vs. is good so far. Barely played, just trying to get a handle right now. Now, I'd like to work my way through the cast, but somebody caught my eye. Why did no one tell me there's an MC Gundam that's JUST Guts?!


You may have heard that Pokken Tournament DX is having a week-long free trial, but Nintendo has blown past all expectations and also made the game 30% off! This is unprecedented, but it makes some sense when you realize Pokken is STILL getting majors!


My thought process: Oh hey, a new Kamen Rider fighting game. Looks like 3v3. Guess I'll import it. ..."Form change combos"? Only three characters? What is... IS THIS A CHARACTER ACTION GAME?! WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE BOOTLEG PLATINUM?! WOOOOOAAAAAHHHH-


Screw everything in this interview. Classic Paper Mario is dead, and not only does Nintendo not want to make it, they're shackling creativity. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/features/interviews/paper-mario-origami-king/amp/?%20=true


Devolver Digital wasn't the only press conference today. Join ex-speedrunner Simpleflips as he takes you through the wide world of fangames and mods. And perhaps, maybe, something My Uncle Who Works At Nintendo said will come to pass...


Big Brain: Drakengard 1's joke ending leads into the NieR universe. Cosmic, Shimmering Galaxy Brain: E.V.O: The Theory of Evolution has more bad endings than NieR: Automata, and several lead into classic Dragon Quest.


Hey, remember that Biomutant thing that was revealed years ago? It's back, the devs like Breath of the Wild, it has TOO MUCH CONTENT, and is now one of my most anticipated games?!


Hey, remember that gorgeous pixel art SCP Foundation action game? ...What do you mean, you don't? They showed 5 seconds of it at the Future Games Show yesterday. ...Which you didn't watch. Eh, good choice, but you may wanna' see this one.


Touhou Luna Nights in fugging incredible and I'm sorry it took me till now to get to it. The title screen remix alone punched me in the face, and it just got cooler and cooler from there. Case in point, minute TEN:


Took almost a decade, but I'm in there. Got my horrible mutant character, a decent beginner's class, the Master Key, 60fps, a light visual mod, and a shield strong enough to be a sword. Let's go, Dark Souls.


This ain't normal Quickpost fare, but Card Sagas Wars' first community tournament just entered its Top 8. The game is super sick, has a crossover roster of champions, and is a pixel-art beauty. Take a look! https://www.twitch.tv/masterhandgaming


The amount of snow and hail in Spring we've got over the past week feels post-apocalyptic.


I joined a podcast! Me and my colleagues discuss what will happen to conventions in a post-pandemic world, our histories with Final Fantasy, and what to do in quarantine! https://player.fm/series/pixels-ink/pixels-ink-episode-308-conpocalypse


Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring is an acceptable game to play in 2020, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.




GOG, Steam, and Itch all have "Stay Home" free game packs going on, but I need to highlight Lucah: Born of a Dream on Itch. It's a character action game with a WILD art style, and there's really no reason not to get it. Also, Shadow Warrior on GOG.


This choice is absolutely mullering me. What say you: Dark Souls 3 + something small, Skul: The Hero Slayer, or 2 or 3 obscure games? It's a real brain-scratcher, to be sure.


So, been wondering how my interview went? If so, thanks for the kind thoughts. Anyways, I have been too. I've been looking to get into this field since I was a kid, WHAT'S ANOTHER TWO OR THREE WEEKS?!


Alright. Today's the day of the big interview. Never been more prepared for anything in my life. I even have a backup job waiting in the wings. Time to calm down, and take transit. See you on the other side, everybody.


Verdict from the call: I'm getting a follow-up interview in-person in the next two weeks. The job seems to fit me like a glove, so we're gonna' see if this works out. AND THE STRESS CONTINUES! ...But not as much.


I'm having a potentially life-altering telephone interview this afternoon. Wish me luck...


12 unedited minutes of Genshin Impact footage from IGN Japan. It wears its Breath of the Wild traits on its sleeve, but it's probably better with them. Menus and HUD are less impressive. Combat looks quite good, and this PC skew is running very smoothly.


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