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My dad passed away in his sleep this morning. The leadup has been a trial this past week; it's both sad and relieving to see him go. Our relationship was odd, but he got me into games and movies, was a good talker, and beat his lifelong alcoholism. RIP.


Hoo! First Platinum Trophy achieved. Not a hard one, but 13 Sentinels had to earn my respect to make me consider it. Feels great.


Beat 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. My 2020 game of the year. Drawn and written by the bravest, craziest sci-fi geeks in the industry, and somehow lands every idea. Might be my first platinum trophy if I have the time.


Little late in my time, but Happy New Year, Destructoid. Here's to a better 2021.


On a day where I do well with getting everything I want done for the first time in a while, 2020 took the last hour to remind me that it's not over yet. Now, everyone in my house is awake past midnight and mad. Have a happier new year, everyone.


I finally managed to resolve a weird, frustrating issue that's been hanging over my head for the past six months. And because of that, there's a first-come, first-serve Steam key for Copy Kitty in the comments!


Last night's Twitch Rivals tournament was incredible. Marvel Lives.


My immediate family tested negative, and my grandpa only had a mild case. He's still dealing with other health issues and some frustratingly incompetent doctors, but that's some stress off my back. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!


Stuff suddenly got real scary in my house. My sickly grandpa just tested positive and returned to the hospital. We're all getting tested soon. Things really suck right now, so I'd appreciate any vibes and prayers you can send.


Most days, being Uncle Arena Fighter is pain. But once every couple years, a game claws it's way out of the void and blows my dang ass off. This year, that game is Varvarion. And I'm tellin' you right now, Varvarion's gonna' be something special.


Hey everybody. Hope you had a fun Halloween. A new 3D platformer with full flight called Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir came out recently. Got Kickstarted years ago. It's currently 100% off in Itch's Halloween sale, so give it a look if you're interested.


What is Star Renegades and why does it look like a better Project X Zone?


The breakdown of my Gundam marathon month is up! I was hoping to have it ready for my birthday, but I got bogged down near the end, so happy birthday to Fuzunga instead! For those who don't have the time for the whole thing, here's the final ranking:


Mobile Suit Gundam: Can I Survive?

Over the past month, I have watched 8 Mobile Suit Gundam shows. Televised series, OVAs, and even movies were all on the plate, and I went through all of them. The recent Gundam Extreme Vs. may have been the catalyst for it, but my inte...


Link just jumped out of my phone, stole my birthday cake, and ran away.


Please remember that a round of games, including Devil May Cry 5 and several cool indies, left Xbox Game Pass in mid-August. This is the service Microsoft is banking on for next gen, and you can get it on PC and current gen. This will be on the test.


Happy birthday to H and Blues! I brought a present, but it's not just for you! I'm not one for MOBAs, but if you told me gender-swapped Nero from Devil May Cry was in League of Legends with a matching style meter... I wouldn't believe you. AND YET!


Mike, I understand why your avatar has been the Turn A Gundam for so long. It's top tier in every sense. SHINING FI- f-Finger? What? Why do you kno- does the Turn X have PIRATED COPIES OF GUNDAM FIGHT on its hard drive?!


Gundam Thunderbolt is fantastic. The first season is definitely among the must-watch Gundam shows. Only an hour long, too. I'd post the Spongebob "acquire a taste for freeform jazz" clip, but something's coming... something familiar...


I know I just said I'd limit these posts, but Gundam Unicorn is good, it's good, it's so good, it's the best Gundam thing I've seen. Don't start with it, but it's a worthy goal.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack has been slain, and I am now free from adhering to the original arc. It was a good movie, with an overly vague ending and the dumbest kids yet. Don't want to make a habit of posting about the rest. Also, hey FFVII.


Finished ZZ Gundam. After it got better 10 episodes in and got better AGAIN after 20 episodes, it might have become my favourite Gundam show. The Gundam Team has a nice spice to them. Also, mad props to Judau for peace-ing out and living past 80.


That's a wrap on Zeta Gundam. A solid show propelled by the strength of its mechs and some of its cast - and the hundred little hilarious moments like the one below. Props for an ending so unique I was speechless. BOY, the last stretch went nuts.


Finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and the OG compilation movies. Movies had some ROUGH editing, but the writing still shone through. Glad The Origin had villain introductions to make up for the films' lack thereof. Also, GEEZ, CHAR.


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