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Had a nightmarish vision of Western game critics praising Forspoken's dialogue on release. This industry's meta is stale. The gameplay looks cool and good, but for now, Jack, take me away. #ChaosPosting


No More Heroes 3 feels like your favourite content creator making a big production and getting to do everything they set out to do. It captures what you love about that content creator perfectly, and you gel with it because it's their stuff but polished.


Nintendo was screaming like the guy near my house right now when they unleashed their E3 Direct. Also, hi, I'm still around. My arms are in pain and interfering with my writing work! But my household has also gotten our first shots, so things are alright.


The thing nobody knew they needed but probably did, Infil's complete Fighting Game Glossary, just went live! I just found out about this, and I want to share! Seems very well organized, and even has video/image examples. https://glossary.infil.net/


I was replaying the Lost Soul Aside footage in my mind, and was hit with the sudden realization that the first boss fights identically to a character from A.rtifical T.ime x.s. Exhibit B with a giant cloud of gold swords in the comments.


I often imagine online discourse, especially community reactions to news, as a swelling chorus of wails.


Just finished watching a Knack 1+2 combo deathstream. Hey, if you feel like you're at a point in your life where you could use another classic-style God of War, pick up Knack 2. No memes, it's actually a good action-platformer. Shocker, right?


The mobile game, World of Demons, that Platinum Games was working on just shadow-dropped! I'm so confused, but glad it's alive!


I don't have enough room to describe the massive amount of Rivals of Aether news that just dropped, but here's the craziest stuff: rollback netcode, 4 Steam Workshop characters added to the base roster (PC + Switch), and gameplay for the 2.5D sequel.


Tales of Graces F was a pretty decent Tales lite for the first four hours. Then I hit a timeskip, and


There's a "Return to Dark Souls 2" fan event going on right now. I might finally pick up Best Souls 2 to get in on this.


Infinite Versus: 3D MUGEN is free on Steam in the form of a public beta. It's testing out features, particularly its new "Blitz Netcode" and mod support. You might want to get in fast, as the creator may delist it soon and end the project.


People and news sites are comparing Pokemon Legends to BotW, but that in-game battle screen just has me thinking of this.


I can't believe Square Enix *actually* announced a second Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Real life beat memes to the punch.


Four years after the fact, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players are still discovering new things. Note that this was done in Master Mode.


Just spent half an hour screaming into the void because some content creators said the new Demon Slayer game looks identical to the Naruto Storm games, ie. bad. I need to calm down and care less. How's your day going?


I'm back on my bullshit, CC2 is making another arena fighter. Looks like their best yet. Ultra smooth, MC guy just WALKS out of a special move at one point. Also has KoF XIII's MAX Mode?! This is already sick. Like .hack//Versus, but with assists.


Crisis (for other people, not me) averted, leaked character Eleven is NOT the final Street Fighter V fighter! In fact, he's a bonus! That's neat. I still don't play SFV, so I might, might not buy in after one more bundle. V-Shift looks sick.


Street Fighter V reaching the end of its life and having a character leaked one last time from an external source (by Twitch, no less!) feels poetic. But it's also my personal dream pick (not yours, I must stress), so who can say if it's good or bad.


Mezquita Hearts, a fanmade competitive successor to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories just got its 1.0 release! Fight with a bunch of real, old doctors in real-time card battles. It's goofy, but the gameplay is for real. You can find it on Gamejolt.


The guy who made Cursed Halo decided to make Blood Gulch in Dark Souls. Then he made it multiplayer. Then he rebalanced the entire game. Then he remade Halo 1 multiplayer in that new game. Bruh.


I have had multiple dreams over the last few years involving Resident Evil 7's Baker family. I have never played Resident Evil 7. I think the lavish portrayal of a warped family setting got to me like few horror games can.


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