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Am I The Only One...

...who finds all this image dissecting being done by Diablo III fans to be a little depressing? Case in point: Blizzard just launched their fifth splash screen, and this time it shows the eyes, as well as what looks like the top of a helmet...


8 Reasons Not to Buy GTA IV for your child

Hmm. I didn't even have to go into the actual game. You can read my full explanation HERE (shameless plug), but I'll summarize: Look at the box. If the game you want to buy your kids is named after a felony, and brandishes at least four...


njyskora! A winner is you!

For those of you unaware of what the hell I'm talking about, njyskora just won HIMself (I've got 'tang on the brain) copies of Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy from my website (shameless plug). HE won because s...


Capcom Sued by "Dawn of the Dead" Producers

MKR Group, the production company that owns the rights to the "Dawn of the Dead" films, is suing Capcom for copyright infringement. MKR Group alleges that "Dead Rising", a game that has you running around a giant mall hacking, slashing, a...


STFU. You're not getting a refund.

Hi, boys and girls. It's been a while since I've last graced Destructoid, and I have to say... lookin' sharp. I'm liking what I see, and I hope to see more. Now, to business: Those of you who are bitching about Xbox LIVE being up and dow...



So get this shit, dudes and dames. You know how publishers will send reviewers and journalists tons of swag along with the game that's supposed to be reviewed? If not, I assure you -- they do. They usually wind up being used as giveaway p...


God told me to write a blog...

...and here it is. Now that I have appeased God, I'mma go watch Rambo: First Blood Part II. Here's a question for you all, however -- if you were writing a paper for your Political Science class, and were focusing on how Politicians were...


Colin McRae: R.I.P. 1968-2007

It brings me great sadness to announce to y'all that Colin McRae, former World Rally Champion best known by us gamers for his Colin McRae Rally series of racing titles from Codemasters, has died at the age of 39. While the bodies have yet ...


Duke Nukem: Forever @ Best Buy

We all know this is just a mistake. Hell, Duke Nukem Forever being given a release date of December 1st, 2007 is just silly, right? ...right? Seriously, though -- how long before Best Buy takes this down? Best Buy SCREENSHOT FOREVER!


Worst. BioShock review. Ever.

BioShock has sex with your entire face. This is a fact that you can not deny. Every major review source on the internet (including here at D'toid) has given the game perfect to near-perfect scores (GameRankings averages it at 98%). The fa...


Has This Ever Happened to YOU?!

You're sitting in front of your computer, raining hellfire down on those unfortunate sons of bitches who dare to oppose you. Your left hand firmly working the Gamer Compass (WASD) while your right guides your crosshairs so that you may brin...


GamePro steals other sites articles

Ok, so get this shit -- last Saturday XBLRadio posted a story on their blog about how Best Buy was screwing us by charging an extra $3 for some of their more profitable Xbox 360 accessories. XBLRadio coiled this the "Halo 3 Tax". Ha ha, v...



FINALLY! After months of "speculation" regarding the worst-kept secret in the gaming industry, said ssecret has finally become official as Major Nelson himself announced on his blog that the Xbox 360's price will, indeed, drop for all thr...


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