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Someone found the true answer to the trolly quest on High On Life



Arnak has a new expansion coming!


Happy birthday Vxxy! Hope it’s a great one ☝️


Thank you! My secret Santa! Gonna have a good time playing these with friends :)


High On Life is amazing, it’s one of those meta games that goes all the way for even the smallest of things. Having a blast


Well did a home test and I have COVID. So far seems very similar to strep throat. Hopefully doesn’t get worse.


Sick 😷 Been drinking tea and catching up on anime


Got a flipping insane pull at my Flesh and Blood release event tonight, basically 1:10,000 odds to pull :3


So now I too am getting the comment errors on the main page


Best of birthdays Mike! I hope you are having a chill evening sipping a chilled beverage of your choice :)


Your bread is too weak it’s barley a foot long ;)


Trust me this is two dinosaurs eating bread, ai is never wrong.


Happy Birthday Raven! I hope its a good one!


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