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Dynasty Warriors Retrospective Part 2

Shu Can Do It! In the latter days of the Han Dynasty, an army of 360,000 peasants gathered together under a trio of Taoist mystics, donning yellow scarves as a symbol of unity. This Yellow Turban Rebellion rose up, exhausted by ravage...


Dynasty Warriors Retrospective, Part 1

Romance of the 3 Dynasties At War   Many may have heard of the long-running Dynasty Warriors video game series, but the majority of gamers haven't played them. Maybe they hit up the various spin-offs; be they anime like One Piece...


A Look Back At The Final Fantasy Series

Last night I finished up the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and with the twists this new version brought I kind of reflected on my time with the series.  So, I thought, why not jot down my thoughts and memories on the games after alll ...


Sunset Riders is out for PS4 and Switch today! Downloading now, shooting bad guys later!


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