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Death Stranding – 133 hours. 13 Sentinels – 128 hours. Leaving a game on but not actually playing anything – 311 hours.


Am pondering. Es globo.


Aynodby wnat a PC cdoe for Satr Wras Jdei Flalen Odrer? Requires EA Oranges.


POV: an American sitting down for breakfast after upvoting memes bashing the humble, fibre-filled haricot bean.


Norman Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize for the Green Revolution and his contribution to world food supply. He was just a farmer out standing in his field.


If you like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the gang have started The Always Sunny Podcast where, starting from season 1, they watch an episode and then chat shit. It's pretty funny. [Pic unrelated]


Fun fact: if you Google the words G-fuel and birthday, Soulbows's birthday is on the first page.


The only 2021 games I bought were fighting games (Strive & Melty), so here's a list of games I played through for the first time this year. GOTY is probably 13 Sentinels or Into the Breach. Biggest disappointment was probably Sky. Fuck Mario 64.


If you are an adult actress and get paid less than male actors please walk into the ocean and stay there. The law of the sea is over a millennium old and all booty is equally divided.


Is the Spiderman DLC worth it? Saving Miles Morales for whenever I find a PS5.


Christmas in the Occam's household.


Indie world comment thread here I guess?


Incoming Nintendo Year in Review Qposts.


So was it only NA that got these TGA Sony and Nintendo sales? Of the 120 games on my wishlist, there's sweet fuck all. [Pic unrelated]


Congratulations on your promotion Perro.


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