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Having a little bit of an automotive issue, my uncle (on my mother's side) just replaced the dead battery in the 2016 Ford Focus SE that my mother owns. Turns out there's another issue on top of that, attempting to find out what that issue is.


So far things have been working fine on my end via my PC's version of Firefox, don't know how it's going on mobile but I'm not taking chances.


Got the OST of Tales of Arise on Tuesday, arrived intact and undamaged at the home mailbox.


Finally decided to jump into the realm of smartwatches. Went with a Galaxy Watch 4 via Best Buy, it's not the latest model of smartwatch but it'll do the job nicely.


A little livid right now, I received a notice from Social Security that they didn't get the "Continuing Disability Review" paperwork. Which contains blank versions of the same forms that I completed and just sent TWO DAYS AGO!


Finally completed my "Continuing Disability Review" paperwork for Social Security. Took longer than I planned for but that's the nature of taking care of paperwork when you have TBI. Screenshot unrelated of course.


Came home from work and played the PC port of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. Seems to be a "Polished Port" so far, the people at Nixxes that helped with said port knew what they're doing. Screenshot also related:


It's finally time for me to get into XC3, I know I'm a little late but dealing with a heatwave and work took priority.


Survived the third day of the vicious heatwave in my state (WA), relief on August 1st can't come soon enough.


First day of the week-long heatwave in my state (WA), pray for Cygnus.


Just looked at the weather forecast for next week. It's going to be a scorcher from the 26th onward. Soundtrack is also related:


Just got my first booster shot of Moderna, dunno if the side effects will make me feel just as shitty as the full dose vaccination shots. Anything that will mitigate COVID-19 infection can help at this point.


Was feeling a bit bored and decided to use dall e/craiyon, came up with this:


Happy hypocrisy day in the "Divided States of America".


First day of the heatwave in my state (WA), this soundtrack sums up my mood perfectly:


I hope those five conservative Supreme Court justices are watching their backs as their ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade just made them high profile targets of protest. They're disgusting to the core.


Looking forward to both the Hot Wheels DLC for Forza Horizon 5 and the new mainline Forza Motorsport game, both looking rather fun and good. Persona 5 Royal is a nice bonus for me as I never played it on a Sony system, going the PC route for it.


A bit pissed off right now. A "Jehova's Witnesses" letter appeared in the mail addressed to me offering false condolences, understanding, and support. They have the sheer nerve of sending me a letter during a time of sorrow and grief. Fucking cunts!


Feeling a bit gutted at the moment. Further details are in the comments.


Been messing about with the final DLC for Ace Combat 7. This soundtrack sums up my mood perfectly:


Looks like the frontpage of Dtoid is getting a bit weird, hope the wonderful people behind the scenes are aware of this. *BUMP* Spoke too soon.


To the site admins, please hold Disqus support's feet to the fire again as the upvote bots are back yet again. Tell them a more permanent solution is required.


Good news, my dad is finally out of hospital. On the downside he needs to use a walker at home to stay steady due to the medical procedure draining most of his physical strength afterwards.


Feeling a bit stressed out right now. The long and short of it is the bills are pilling up and the one that normally pays the bills (my dad) is in hospital.


Mildly frustrating day on the homefront. Long and short of it is due to my father still in hospital I had to e-file an extension for both my mother and dad's joint tax return. Let's just I needed to take a drink afterwards.


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