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What is your favorite villager personality type and why is it peppy?


Meteor shower on my island. Code is 7NMYP. Keeping it open for an hour, prolly longer if ppl are cycling in.


There are two kinds of Steam users: Those with 100% Orange Juice at the top of their games list, and those who have it hidden.


I dressed each of my nieces in those ridiculous Easter outfits in Animal Crossing this morning for April Fools. They thought they were part of the Easter event and loved them. Not the reaction I was after.


Celebrate your B-day with a bowl


My only real gripe with Bleeding Edge is being dumped back out to the main menu after each match. Just keep the train moving I say. Backfill as necessary. Way it is now I play a match or two and log off due to the lulls.


I can now change the location of homes and shit but I don't know how to make sidewalks or roads and want to do that first. When's that coming? Currently I've just created the campsite.


This girl is not taking this shit seriously.


Did anyone else play through Bioshock Infinite the first time thinking "Booker do it" or "Mr do it" would end up being that game's "Would you kindly?"


Some medicine for these times


The Radeon 5700 powering the PS5 is "capped at 2.23GHz" the same way my bank account is capped a 2.23 trillion dollars. Sorry dudes but they're embellishing big time. Links and shit in the comments.


I'm kinda somber after beating the new Ori. Ended with just 98% complete. That's not why sad tho.


Bleeding Edge is pretty cool. Might be my new multiplayer fix. Team Gizmo.


Got myself Catherine for $7 on Steam for Valentines day. Excited to play it but also slighly beating myself up for breaking my no-new-games resolution.


My decision to only play games in my backlog or games via services like Game Pass has worked out pretty great so far. Just started on my 10th game this month, My Friend Pedro.


Legend has it that Wes did indeed love tacos, but only in the manner that everyone loves food. Such as meatloaf. He also loved meatloaf, if the legends are to be true.


Now that we have the luxury of hindshight, I think I would have rather put that fighter pass money towards another new game.


Hot take two. Diablo Immortal looks better conceptually than Diablo IV.


Outer Worlds completed. Not in a rush to do a Supernova run. Maybe in time.


Obsidian bros you gotta stop making these games where a character can easily be overpowered in both dialog and combat. Good game otherwise.


Outer Worlds intro planet done. Man I really miss games like this.


Welp time to buy Battle for Azeroth again. Playable Vulpera are official babeeee


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