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I'm whippin this out next time I get called an Xbot for being critical of Sony.


It's looking pretty fun friends


I love hockey man. Best sport hands down.


Ha, tried to delete, the picture stayed. Anyways, finished my Demon's Souls journey a bit ago.


I got an impostor but they were probably like "eww no, not cool enough" and rerolled. Probably.


So it would appear I'm Flamelurker's new bitch.


TIL that actually was D'angelo singing in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Day one patch for Soul Hackers 2 to fix that camera angle


I finished Prison School on Crunchyroll this week. My burgeoning life as a weeb seems to have peeked early.


I'd like to hear the "Logic and Facts" on this one.


Saw a video, felt like sharing


The rushed, no side-quests "bad" ending in Cyberpunk 2077 is better than most games' good endings. The other endings are good too, but that "bad" ending is on some straight up Villeneuve, Garland shit. Must play game.


Artful Escape reviewer said, "The villain takes the form of a demon that I found far more relatable than any evil alien threat: The characters own sense of self doubt." Just ugh.


Battlefield V for PC on Origin. Leave a comment if you grab it.


I've made a tier list. It's very official and very serious.


I'm mildly interested in American McGee's Lost in Random.


Battlefield 1 key for EA/Origin in comments. Leave a like to let folks know it's taken.


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