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I guess I haven't had enough to review this month, so I reviewed Bear and Breakfast for the Game Complaint Department. Stay tuned today for a Destructoid review of a different game.


A year or so ago, while I was trying to figure out what to do with/how to fix myself, I applied to write dating sims for what I can only assume was a mobile dating sim sweatshop. I never heard back, but I'm thinking that's their loss.


Not only do I have a review for Cult of the Lamb, but said review describes the Handley family's literal adjacency to a real '80s cult.


Nice! Except I've reviewed way more games than that. These are just the games that went under my real name.


What I struggle with the most on this new career path I've been exploring is that putting my opinions in such a visible manner on the internet means there's a 100% chance someone is going to hate my guts. I just want people to like me.


While we're getting the delisted Metal Gear games relisted, can we also get a PC port of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake? I actually enjoyed that one.


Playing StarCraft Battle Chest. Oh gosh, I don't think I can endure two consecutive Protoss campaigns.


Cleaned out, applied new thermal paste, and installed an SSD in my PS3. Accidentally reformatted the original hard drive. I don't think I'm going to miss any of the save data I lost, but re-downloading everything is painful.


Every so often, my brain reminds me of Harvester. I honestly think that game might have fucked me up a bit... more.


Okay, hear me out: Ogre Battle Warriors.


So, my greatest nemesis, we meet again...


Finished the original Metal Max on Famicom. Damn, what a great series. They maybe would have done better in sales if they brought more than two over to the west.


My personal blog, the Game Complaint Department, has hit the amount of daily traffic where I'm told having ads would be worthwhile. I don't update it very often since I now write for other sites, but I thought income might incentivize me to do more.


A while back, an old friend of mine and I sat down to a game of NBA Jam on SNES. Neither of us could really remember who were on any of the teams in '94, so my friend said, "Which one has MJ on it?" I replied, "Michael Jackson isn't in this game."


I've come a long way since starting the Game Complaint Department, but it still feels like home. Here's a new review of Rogue Leader. Cheers!


I was struggling this morning, so I took an early nap. During this nap, I dreamt that I slept until 3pm. I was very relieved when I woke up, and this wasn't the case. My subconscious just pulled an April Fools on me.


I really like Mario Kart's new Ganbare Goemon themed course.


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