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I haven’t changed a bit since second grade.


Because Meursault insisted, the Game Complaint Department now uses Disqus for its comments. This is part of a revamp I may or may not actually get around to. You can sign in using your QPost Disqus account if you remember the trick to doing that.


So, after reviewing Actraiser Renaissance, I immediately replayed the original. Here's the GCD's review. Now maybe I'll play something new.


I'm not sure I can stick with Far Cry 5. It's just such an inorganically chaotic experience. It reminds me of how I described Far Cry 3 back in 2013: "It all feels like being on safari in a zoo."


I didn't even realize it was Batman day when I submitted a Batman article. I just really like Batman Returns.


Capcom, my proposal: Mike Haggar. That's it. I don't care; dating sim, city builder, a revival of Saturday Night Slam Masters. I just want more Mike Haggar.


Thumbing through the latest issue of Nintendo force and found this sensual article by some sexy beast on page 80.


After replaying Rocket Knight Adventures for my column, I was left wanting more. So here's a review for Sparkster (Genesis) over at the Game Complaint Department.


Orbitz™! The drink that you chew™!


Okay, now that the review is out, can someone tell me where this woman connected four? Because I'm not seeing it, and I'm pretty sure the game completely cheated me out of a win.


Me: I'm going to replay Wolfenstein II and actually finish it instead of spending all my time playing Wolfstone 3D. But then...


This whole writing thing is starting to go places for me. It's both weird and exciting. But I can't neglect the GCD, so here's a review for Doom 64.


Hey, I finally got around to posting on the Game Complaint Department. This review is of Turok, a game where you shoot rockets at innocent triceratops.


I'm surprised we've never seen a re-release of the 2013 remake of Rise of the Triad. Its sense of humour was tacky, but its gameplay had it where it counts.


I wanted to get something new up on the Game Complaint Department, so I wrote a review. I eviscerated the game so badly, that I think I'm instead going to turn it into Monday's kusoge article.


I finished Doom Eternal on Ultra-Violence. If only the DLC wasn't so expensive.


Nana Banana Banana Banana-nana-nana Banana Banana Ba-NAna


Me: I should focus on writing today. Brain: It's been a while since you played classic Doom, you can beat it in like 3 hours. -3 hours later- Me: Doom's done, writing now? Brain: What? You're not even going to start on Doom 2?


Time to make the kinkiest dating sim this engine can handle. Ignore the obvious signs I need to paint my nails.


I do all my best writing in the evenings, so why don't you distract me from that and AMA?


Out at my parents’ in the countryside with this happy pup. Figuring out the future and trying to unwind.


The artist from Perfect Gold did this adorable wallpaper for Pride month, and I'm in love with it.


I finished Sonic Forces and I didn't hate it. It wasn't great, but after playing through Sonic '06, my expectations were extremely low. I just hated it whenever anyone would open their mouth.


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