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Got the new power supply for the Commodore 64. Unfortunately, it's not one of the better SID chips, but it's not going to matter for 98% of the games on it.


Happy birthday, Vxxy! You wonderful bean, you.


I think the worst thing about Final Fantasy VII Remake is that I'll fight three dudes, and then ten dudes will show up and I'll be like, "I can take them," but Cloud and his posse are like, "We're trapped!" And the game won't let me play for five minutes.


Late Crimbo gift from father. I was due for an upgrade.


I motion that we begin pronouncing gyro aiming like the food. From now on, pronounce the option like "year-oh" aiming.


Yaarrr! She's the shame of the fleet! The deadliest eyesore to ever taint the seven seas!


I think images might be working again? Check 1, 2...


They finally decided to put a ring on it! Today is my first day as a full-time staff writer at Destructoid. You'll be seeing a lot more of me on the FP.


I've come a long way from being too shy to post in the comments to writing about Donkey Kong's ass on the front page.


Hot take: the Metal Max series is better than Fallout. To illustrate this, here's my review of Metal Max 2: Reloaded. Really, it's just a barely-concealed love letter.


I wonder how Diane from Beef Head Video is doing these days...


Workin' real hard to make internet cash can be very difficult with the self-worth issues that I have. With all sincerity, I want you to know how much I appreciate you substituting for my confidence. Seriously, you folks keep me going.


What do you think? Should I start using this CRT filter on all my retro screenshots?


I just met you, And this is craaazy, But I'm so hungry. Please, feed me gravy.


I set up one of those Ko-Fi things here. I'm not going to push it, but if you like what I do but would prefer that I do it with, like, a gyro or shawarma wrap in my hand, then this is where you can make it happen.


Well, another solid calendar year of writing for Destructoid is coming to an end. I managed to avoid self-destructing... Uh, you know what, that's enough of an accomplishment. Awesome job, me. Do that again next year.


I finished Cyberpunk 2077. You probably already have an opinion about it and don't need mine, but if you want it anyway, here it is.


Merry White-ass Christmas from Destructoid’s ice world!


I've been an ardent fan of the Castlevania series for over a decade now, but I've just completed Rondo of Blood for the first time. With Richter. And somehow I defeated Dracula on my first attempt. Not my favorite in the series, but is great in many ways.


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