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New Game Complaint Department review on one of my all-time favourites and a game I won't ever shut up about, Metal Slug. Marco!


Having played them both again a couple times in the past week, I think I like Metal Slug 5 more than I like Metal Slug 3. I just can't get over how much of a slog Metal Slug 3's final mission is.


I find it interesting that I'm one of very few critics to have covered Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition at launch. I thought that way more people would be excited about it. Kind of shows what strange priorities I have.


Shaved my Metal Slug down to 5 Continues. That's on default difficulty (Level 4), 3 lives, and no turbo. I can get it down lower, as some of the lives I dropped were entirely just due to choking at key moments.


It's not 0, but I think that's a new record for me. Progress is progress.


Picked these up today. Wild to be buying a new NES game at the local game store. Think I should review it here?


Just so you know what you'll be getting into with Gimmick.


Bought myself something for review.


I've created a cohost as @adzuken to keep in touch with anyone departing. However, I'll still be here and will continue to love and nurture anyone who remains. I will continue to vomit up all my meals so that those too small to hunt can eat and grow stron


Wow, hey. Jonathan Holmes had me on his podcast. It's right over here. https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-holmes-861531813/dtoid-lives-jason-inspires-2d-sonic-comes-out-for-60


Rather than get this song out of my head, I'm just going to drill it in further until it comes out the other side.


Didn’t take me long to find this.


Right now, I'm absolutely just poking at the possibility, but if I were to do some sort of video content for either Destructoid or the Game Complaint Department, what would you want to see from me?


Feeling somewhat poorly. Doing some self-care with a recommendation from Timothy Monbleau.


Got the new power supply for the Commodore 64. Unfortunately, it's not one of the better SID chips, but it's not going to matter for 98% of the games on it.


Happy birthday, Vxxy! You wonderful bean, you.


I think the worst thing about Final Fantasy VII Remake is that I'll fight three dudes, and then ten dudes will show up and I'll be like, "I can take them," but Cloud and his posse are like, "We're trapped!" And the game won't let me play for five minutes.


Late Crimbo gift from father. I was due for an upgrade.


I motion that we begin pronouncing gyro aiming like the food. From now on, pronounce the option like "year-oh" aiming.


Yaarrr! She's the shame of the fleet! The deadliest eyesore to ever taint the seven seas!


I think images might be working again? Check 1, 2...


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