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Drainus is out for Switch and I can't recommend it enough for gamers new to shmups, or wanting to get back into them. A little on the easy side compared to others in the genre, and some of the best sprite work you'll see. Still an awful name--great game!!


Very nice, very evil. This showed up today. Ordered this in November of 2021 just after he broke his leg because half of the purchase amount went directly to him, and ROH had recently shut down. Was scheduled to ship last april...so, right on time.


Well that sucks! Would've loved another single player campaign like Titanfall 2.


You sell like 50 consoles a month in Japan, but apparently want to sell less? I understand the cost issue, and Sony also did this, but an extra $50 price hike seems like a futile decision considering the Japanese market has never fully accepted Xbox.


Still hoping that M2 changes their mind and releases Aleste SenXin outside of Japanese arcades. Technically it could be released US arcades, but oh yeah, those don't really exist. Aleste Branch might make it out this year though. Fingers crossed.


Hey Scrustle, thanks for the heads up on Sword of the Vagrant. I got got it yesterday--it was on sale for $8, I think. Of course I get an email today from RedArt Games today saying it's getting a physical, lol. It's definitely inspired by VanillaWare.


Damnit! Just found out that Jason Pearson passed last month. First Kim Jung Gi, now Jason. I'm beyond heartbroken hearing this. Amazing artist and one of my favorite people in the industry. I've been lucky to talk to him almost every year...more below.


Oh, my notifications started working again. All it took was purchasing a new tablet, lol. Or, is it working for everyone and this is just a bonkers coincidence?


I love these games, chunky sprites and all. Konami, make more 2d Castlevania!! Get team Ladybug (Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonderlabrynth) to do it!! Metroid Dread proved there an audience. Do a physical of these GBA games, I'll buy them a 3rd time


Sorry for the quick double post, but wanted to give a heads up. I guess it's the last day to get Bladed Fury if you have Xbox Live Games with Gold. I really had a good time with it, and until Muramasa is let out of Vita jail, this is a good second option.


That Kenny Omega figure and a side of disappointment showed up today. Sol Cresta isn't bad, but it should be better and coming from Platinum...well, my hopes were a lot higher.


Just a heads up, but in the US, if you have AXStv, the New Japan hour is showing both the fantastic Okada vs Jay White match, but even better, Ospreay vs Sephiroth from WK17. Not sure where it's showed in other countries, I'm DVRing it. Hell yeah!!!


How!? I ordered this yesterday afternoon. Did the Flash hit hards times and get a job with the USPS? Whatever, it looks exactly like the pictures. Surprisingly loud when turned on as well. Neat.


Not sure if it will look as nice in person, but for basically $6, more importantly, free shipping if you buy with PayPal...of course I ordered it! I'll put the link below if anyone is interested. It's also supposed to play Sonic music when turned on.


Seeing people come to buy fish and handing the owner, money, this cat went out and got a leaf to pay for her fish. The shop owner thought this was very cute, so he gave her a small fish. Now everyday this cat comes to buy a fish with a leaf.#wholesometoid


Final (physical) shmup of 2022. SophStar released on Dec 30th, though shipping and the holidays slowed delivery. Also, got Sifu for about 25% off, so jumped on it, again. Hope everyone is having a great 2023.


Happy Birthday Earth! Let's have a rad 2023 and play all the games. All of them!!!


Imported some shmups as a late bday present to myself. Akai Katana, a horizontal Cave shmup, and the big box is 2 games, Bullet Souls and the sequel titled Infinite Burst. I already had the cat.


Apparently Fist is free on Epic game store. It's really good. You should try it. That is all. Bye bye.


My cable/internet has been off for almost 2 days. What's the first thing I see when it came back? A true Christmas miracle. M2 ShotTriggers is fully porting DoDonPachi DaiOuJo for PS4 in 2023!!! Widely considered the greatest shmup of all time. Very happy


Beanie Babies were just a 90's analog version of 2020's NFT's. If you haven't seen Coffeezilla's takedown of consistently lying scammer Logan Paul, well I highly recommend it. It's 3 parts, so I'm not posting a video. Easy to look up on YouTube.


Finally got a chance to play Hazelnut Hex. Fantastic Cotton like horizontal shmup. Great enemy/bullet patterns and great color contrast for dodging those bullets. It's like $2.50 on sale in the eShop. Excellent bang for your buck!! Very impressed.


If you have a Japanese account for PlayStation or Switch, and are curious about Sonic Frontiers, there's a demo available. I think it's coming the western accounts, but not sure when. Figured I'd try it out since it's still on sale. Just a heads up.


Hey, Whispering Willow, not sure if you're interested in the game, but I thought you might like this.


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