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Okay Boomer...shooter, and a sequel to a NeoGeo shmup in 2022. Andro Dunos 2 has been out in Europe for a couple months. Not sure why the NTSC version took so long to ship? I guess I have to take a short break from XC3.


Damn, HHH seems to be wasting zero time fixing the screwups Vince created in his absence. WWE might actually get gud! Pretty exciting time to be a wrestling fan.


Very early in, but I'm really enjoying XC3. Taion is a bit insufferable at the moment. I'm sure that will change over time--character building n' stuff. Loving the design work, all around. Can't wait to look through the art book! Who's best girl? Or boy?


Right on time Nintendo...is what I would have said if it arrived last Friday.


Unfortunately Xenoblade Chronicles 3 didn't show up today, but I did get a couple new/old shooters. Panarama Cotton was a MegaDrive game, and plays like Space Harrier. Mushihimesama is pure Cave awesomeness, though I've had a digital copy since release.


Is anyone else having this issue where the number of responses, or your personal quick response icon, are showing zero, when obviously people responded to the post, or to your response? I only see responses when I dig to the post and that's just a pain.


Power Wash Simulator is pretty fun. I'd have never even considered playing this if it wasn't for GamePass. It's surprisingly well made with it's mechanics and overall polish. Definitely worth a try if you have the service and want a chill game to play.


Finished Gear Shifters on Switch. Imagine if Spy Hunter was a horizontal shmup. I had a lot of fun, but it's grindy as hell. It's stingy with the schematics, which you need to build power ups. Anyway, it's fun, though I'd only recommend on sale. Still fun


Bayonetta 3 special edition is available for preorder at best buy. I'll put the link below if interested.


Limited Run continues to overcharge people for the silliest things. $20 more for a steel case? $45 more for collectors edition...nah, I'm good with the standard. It is a great game though. Live Wire has done a solid job porting the Xbox360 Cave shmups.


Genesis mini 2 is coming stateside, and exclusive to Amazon.


If you gave up earlier, like me, you might want to give it another try. I got on about 15 minutes ago, and viola! I think they're basically doing open orders, kinda like limited Run does. That's why everything else is shipping later. Just a guess though


2022 hasn't gone the way I'd hoped, BUT the Indies and AA games have really filled in the gaps. I finished Eastward a week ago, and just finished Narita Boy, which isn't new, but I ordered the physical from LRG--glad I did! 2022 is still shaping up!!


Okay, so you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but literally EVERY day is after Labor day, until the next Labor Day. So, am I to assume, you can only wear white ON Labor Day? Whatever, Forbidden Door was still a great PPV!!


I call it, the "Zoidburger" It's a burger (duh) fried in duck fat (the sauce of the gods!) The bun, is lame keto bread, BUT toasted in bacon fat! With Avocado mayonnaise, jalapenos, cream cheese, and sugar free ketchup (it's really good) The Broodwich


What!?😯 What could "that" title be? Probably a compilation, or Sin and Punishment Star Successor remaster for switch? Whatever, I'm so down!


Saw an ad for these shirts, thought this was an appropriate place to show them, cuz they're kinda great. Also, Happy Birthday Dads, or whatever's going on today?


Just out of curiosity, did anyone receive their physical copy of Omori? I was told it would be shipped and arrive today, though it hasn't even been prepared, much less shipped. I was about to cancel and order elsewhere, then I noticed a July 1st date--


FF VII Crisis Core is coming to all systems, Sweet! Great game that's been stuck on the PSP. Hopefully they do a physical release.


Neat! After the Wii, I hoped this genre would continue, but these are getting few and far between. Haven't played yet, so hopefully it's pretty good.


Everybody's having fun using AI to make some meme pics, meanwhile Google over booting up SkyNet. 😳🤖


Now that P3P, P4G, and P5R, are going multiplat, fingers crossed that we'll get them on Switch (physical would be my dream) as well. 🤞🤞 Great news regardless.


Damn, this game was tough to get. I had my preorder from Amazon cancelled, then GameStop cancelled my order. I ordered it from Best buy a week ago, and was starting to think that was getting cancelled as well. Sheesh, hope it lives up, been waiting to try


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