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Late to the game, but better late than never. Funny, I put more time into NMS on the PS4 than I did on Xbox, but using what I learned there helped me. I've got like 350 billon space bucks in this version. It's literally the game I dreamed about as a kid.


FedEx tried to steal my stuff, but I got it back!! Had to threaten legal action. The dude forged my name and said it was delivered last Wednesday. Oh well, it's taken care of. I'm fully next gen now. Yeah, I know, I need to do some cable management.


If anyone's interested, the Hot wheels game is $25 at Walmart, and it comes with an actual Hot wheel car, lol. Anyway, enough people have said it's pretty good, and for that price, I'll give it a shot. After Crusin Blast, I'm down for arcade racers again!


At least something good came out of today... technically it unlocks tomorrow, but new Cave goodness on Switch! I don't really have experience with Dodonpachi Di-Fukkatsu (more with DOJ), but I'm sure it's rad! Live wire is on a roll with the 360 ports!


FedEx is screwing me out of my Xbox, yay. Told it was delivered and signed for at 1:33 pm. Nobody has been on my property today and I haven't signed anything, so someone is lying. Hope everyone else is having a good day.


Played about 5 hours of GotG, and I'm really impressed. As a licensed AAA single player game, it's great. My favorite thing so far is the soundtrack. An excellent list of 80s tunes, but it's how & when specific songs are used that really adds to moments.


Wow, this is by far the biggest sale I've ever seen on Nintendo first party games. Kirby is the only one I don't have... damn, I need to get off the internet for the rest of the year. I wasn't expecting to get an Xbox, and went way overboard on sales.


Game, games, games!! The buy 2 get 1 free sales were pretty great. Now I just have to decide what to play in-between SMT V.


I think I just got an Xbox series X. I got an email from GameStop about the "all access" program. I always assumed it was a mark up on price like the Rent a Center places, which I think are awful, and pray on low income families. More below.


Another day, another delivery. SMT V finally showed up so, I'm gonna go play this game I've been waiting I've 4 years to play. Hope everyone is having a good day!


Ahh yeah!! I knew Microsoft added a bunch of games to the back compat list, but hadn't looked into which games. People that missed out on Otogi back in the day can finally play these rad From Soft games. I still have both, but it's great they added them!


M2 Bay Bay!! FedEx STILL hasn't delivered my copy of SMT V, which was scheduled for Saturday, but I'll be alright. Granted, this Tiger Heli collection is my least favorite ShotTriggers release so far, it's still packed. Got to support great devs!!


You're welcome Matt McMuscles! I bought your game. Basically a Streets of Rage style beat em up. Pretty good, from what I've played so far.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody! Found another old toy collecting dust. Probably a good night to watch the movie as well!


I had to post this pic, it's just too cool! The Mom made the costumes so her daughter could go trick or treating with her dad. Looks like Metroids future is in good hands!


Bayonetta turns 12 years old today. Hopefully we'll get the 3rd installment before the franchise turns 13.


It's sad what happened to ROH talent, but ah yeah! I think Danhausen would fit right in, and could continue his feud with Orange Cassidy.


DOOM! No idea how many times I've purchased the original since 1993, but add one more to the list.


Current Status: Wimmy Wham Wham Wozzle!


Thanks Walmart, only 2 weeks late. Could be worse though, I guess.


New Limited Run delivery. Now if Walmart would send my Switch OLED!


My Switch isn't scheduled to show up until Monday, but a bunch of other stuff showed up unexpectedly. This is from B-side games in Japan, which closed up unfortunately. Finally got a physical copy of Golf Story that wasn't a couple hundred dollars.


It always happens this way. Months go by with nothing shipping, then a bunch of stuff ships within a couple weeks time. Ha ha, whatever. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


New deliveries! Got Pikuniku a little over a week ago, and Roki showed up earlier today. Both have art styles that work great on Switch.


It's hard to believe this is Ember Lab's first game, and apparently it was developed by around 25 people. It's very impressive for their first try. I hope they continue making games like this, though for such a cutesy game, some bosses kicked my ass!! Lol


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