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Happy Maple Syrup Day nerds <3


So Shadowrun Returns absolutely slaps. Been a while since I've been this into a games world. Soundtrack is pure syrup to the ears as well.


Picture this, I'm a bag of dicks, put me to your lips.


PSA this PSA. Love you nerds.


The Crystal Method dropped a banger of a new track. Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend.


It was just over a year ago, on the week before Super Bowl Sunday, that Brett "MegaDongSki" graced us with his presence. So, in his absence, I ask all of you, how's it going?


Had this on repeat for the last few days. Yup, they still got it.


Oh, and to prove I'm not a total degen from upstate, here's an up to date pic of Walter.


Woah, I've finally pulled myself out of my G-Fuel haze. What's up everyone? How's poke-mans? My series X got fucked so I've been hitting that Bayonetta 2 hard. It's good, it's REAL GOOD.


Got your boys Soul, Gus, and Frosty checking out that new Rainbow 6. Come say what's up, www.twitch.tv/jurassicsaint


I still stand by my old opinion that Nier is better than Nier Automata, simply because 9S stinks and Grimoire Weiss is mega gangster. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Cool. I caught COVID from my brother in law who was sick when he came over for xmas and just hid it from us. New year's and my B-Day plans, gone. We're ok, just bummed.


Merry Christmas, you degenerates <3


Can anyone explain to me why it's so socially acceptable to... Essentially brag about speeding? "Oh remember that time so and so drove and we were gripping the seats the whole time?" "Yeah lol that was wild." It's gross and I dislike it.


Black Friday Xbox deals get me again. Snagged Tales of Arise, even if I said I'd wait for Christmas. Let's do this.


All the F.E.A.R. and Max Payne games are now backwards compatible on Xbox. The time has come and so have I.


Holy fuck I need to vent. I just bore witness to something that's made me lose all faith in humanity, in the comments. Warning: it may piss you off too.


Y'all are the real gems. Today's been a bit rough, car bills and getting some blood work done (I'm fine, too much fuel probably. Also, don't put G Fuel in your car). Happy birthday to all of YOU fantastic fucks. Go watch Malignant, it slaps.




Oh shit it's not my birthday. Was just a mood. MY BAD.


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