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Merry Christmas, you degenerates <3


Can anyone explain to me why it's so socially acceptable to... Essentially brag about speeding? "Oh remember that time so and so drove and we were gripping the seats the whole time?" "Yeah lol that was wild." It's gross and I dislike it.


Black Friday Xbox deals get me again. Snagged Tales of Arise, even if I said I'd wait for Christmas. Let's do this.


All the F.E.A.R. and Max Payne games are now backwards compatible on Xbox. The time has come and so have I.


Holy fuck I need to vent. I just bore witness to something that's made me lose all faith in humanity, in the comments. Warning: it may piss you off too.


Y'all are the real gems. Today's been a bit rough, car bills and getting some blood work done (I'm fine, too much fuel probably. Also, don't put G Fuel in your car). Happy birthday to all of YOU fantastic fucks. Go watch Malignant, it slaps.




Oh shit it's not my birthday. Was just a mood. MY BAD.


Malignant is an absolute roller coaster, and I thought it was rad. Sorry Patbateman ):


Hey Riff you peek the new Night Flight Orchestra yet? 👀


Today was a really hard, rough day. Need to acknowledge that. But also, RiffRaff showed me a brand new, super sick artist to listen to. So all in, it's a good day. Find the best in the worst everyone. We got this.


Walter update: he's learned crate training within just a few days. Doing some more right now from my home office. Few times a day, different time intervals each time. I think I love this little maf.


Say hey to the newest addition to the family. We're thinking of going with Walter.


Here's a weird one. If anyone who has an XBOX and LIVES IN CANADA wants a digital copy of Doki Doki Literature Club, it's in the comments.


Super proud of this one. If you would've asked me on my first or second playthrough if under 3 hours was possible, I would've said no way. This game's great.


Beat DDLC this morning. That was uhhh, that was something.


Oh boy, this is a good start. Alright D Toid. Let's see what all the fuss is about.


Saw A Quiet Place Part 2 last night. Solid 7/10 movie. Not nearly as good as the first, but still was alright. Sure was great to see it in an actual theater though, so bonus points for that.


Hey all. At my best friends wedding, as the best man. Gave a good speech, despite feeling like it was the hardest thing ever. Love you all, life's good.


So I'm the best man at my (one) friends wedding in two weeks. It's going to be a super small event, and man writing a best man's speech is tricky. Anyone got any good tips? I've already got the G Fuel shill figured out, no worries there.


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