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Whoa, guys. I just took half a valium, and this is the first time in over a month that I haven't felt like tearing off my own head and screaming down my neck hole. Very Cool.


On the distant shores of the Scum Sea lies Oh Shit Island, land of doom and destruction. Chunks of mouldering flesh rain like hail and mutant mutilators dismember each other in endless warfare. Worst of all is the undead devil dog on the hunt--GOREHOUND!!


The Guttering rises from his lair with rotten meat!


I wanted to draw an old man eating a baby's eyes. This is the end result.


Honey mustard, fried chicken biscuit sandwich, all made from scratch. Now, to slam it down in ten minutes while I watch Face/Off.


My second batch of biscuits are fucking monsters.


I'm not waiting for FF7 or anything, but I saw other cat pictures and never want to miss an opportunity to post this stupid fucking piece of shit who ruins my life every goddamn day, and if he sticks his head in the fridge again he's getting decapitated.


Do you want to see a man ferment from the inside out and explode? Do you want to see all variety of mutant fungus turn London into an apocalypse of mold? If so, then The Fungus is the wonderfully bizarre book for you.


Fear me, for I can now make my own biscuits!!!


Necessity has brought me to attempt making my own soda bread. This is my first somewhat successful attempt. If you saw my previous two attempts, you'd be amazed at my progress.


It is nice to use these quiet days to catch up on my reading.


This is the mood I'm trying to strike in these tough times.


Spent the evening trying to cheer myself up by making Seeding of a Ghost gifs. Current status:


Quarantine baking to the max. Dark chocolate brownies topped with chocolate pudding and chocolate cookie crumbles then covered in light brown sugar caramel. All made from scratch. I would've never done this without unlimited time on my hands.


This is the only movie you need to know about this year you're welcome


The only thing I love about my cat is that he refuses to love me.




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