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The War for Wakanda expansion of Avengers is a lot closer to the type of story and gameplay I wanted from the start. I.E. its good. Just play it if you already own the game or you you can get it for cheap/free.


This is probably a dumb question but why is the number 35 so important to Nintendo fans?


If I had a PS5 I'd sell it to get my hands on this lol (That Mr. Fantastic is 6 inches tall for reference)


Sonic The Fighters will be In Lost Judgement. I love Ryu ga Gotoku Studio.


So they opened a White Castle in my hometown of Orlando, Florida. I’ve never seen a line like that. All I have to say is Thanos was right.


Formal request for Destructoid to become active on Instagram so I can unfollow IGN.


I just love this. Black Panther & Miles Morales mash up.


I'm trying to download the latest PS3 firmware so I can updgrade my PS3's hard drive to 1TB and it seems like Sony's site isn't letting me... FML man.


Got my first dose of Maderna yesterday. My arm feels like i'm being pinched by an annoying child but nothing to be afraid of!


Make sure you guys download Rag Doll Kung Fu and Double Dragon Neon before it's too late! One of these is a joke. That theme music still slaps though!


I’m pleased to say that after a months Hiatus, I’m back to spending an exorbitant amount of money on toys with the excuse of content creating 😂


I don’t have any Gundam Models... YET. But I did put together this model from a different Anime.


So I got my first Chase Funko Pop the other day and it was pretty exhilarating... even if you can't tell by my voice lol


This just in... I can’t play my switch again until 2021


I used Targets Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on toys to the fullest 😅


Genuinely disappointing that Epic didn't consider the people who are old enough to know who Galactus is with the timing of this event. What about the adults with 9-5's? Sigh...


All my life I've wanted two pairs of shoes; a pair of Spider-Man shoes, and a pair of PlayStation shoes. Needless to say, I had a good day.


PSA: If you open up one of those two-packs of Starburst and get two oranges, you lost. That is all.


Okay Nintendo... You let me get this one but I’m still buttset about them pins.


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