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That TMNT collection getting a physical release, man, if it's something nice my money is already as good as gone.


As someone who had zero hype for Kirby (the last one I played being FunPak) - that demo was pretty darn good.


Why has the Game of Thrones guy made a LotR game? Weird.


Okay, this upvoting bots💋 thing is getting out of hand now...


Ubisoft's Skull and Bones (go ahead, you can Google it) is apparently still a thing.


I wasn't the biggest 3DS person, only really buying one for a certain series - mad props if you can guess which.


So, Bender is getting a new voice by looks of it...


RIP commenting on the front page...


Damn, I missed it


There's a gritty Fresh Prince of Belair reboot... what...




MF'in bears...


Fun fact: bears terrify me. Like I legit sometimes fear going out for a cig at night through fear of a bear attack. I live in the UK. We have no bears.


Pokemon Legends is pretty fun. It is seriously ugly as balls mind. There's always something blurry enough to catch your eye and take you out of it, something popping in killing the vibe or a Pokemon fading in and out of the horizon...


Important PSA: Waifu Discovered 2 [Switch] (the sequel to Waifu Uncovered) only has the unlockable "Fully Uncensored" (aka visible vaginas) mode in the EU release. Apologies if this discovery has led to people in the US being disappointed.


Have a snooze. Check qtoid a few hours later. Lotta dick drawings. Never change.


Eventually everything will be owned by Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony and we'll have someone follow the steps of Activision of old and become a revolutionary third party.


Is this a foot fetish?


Man, The Eternals is bad. Like Justice League bad.


Should I be worried that some sites have Pokemon reviews and yet IGN (who suck but normally get early access) and Destructiod (whom will literally decide whether I buy it or not) don't? Like, is this going to be worse than A Link Between Worlds?


So is the Windjammers 2 review video only or am I being dumb?


I want to do something stupid/romantic for someone but need some help - does anyone here live in Australia?


Meat Loaf is dead


Gaspard Ulliel (37) aka Midnight Man in the upcoming Moon Knight series has died.


Late to this one, but man, it works.


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I started as a massive Nintendo fan. I had a SNES before, but it was really the N64 I got on my 10th birthday that really got me into gaming. I stuck with Nintendo pretty much exclusively until the DS rolled out and I played NSMB - man I hated that game. It looked awful, sounded awful and was so easy it was hardly worth paying attention to what you were doing.

The PSP and Monster Hunter stole away hundreds of hours of life and that's when I really started to look at Sony. I had missed great games like Okami, God of War (it was cool at the time), Gradius V and Metal Gear Solid

With the promise of Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter on the PS3 I snagged one as soon as I was able. In the long wait (and Monster Hunter jumping to Nintendo...) I picked up Uncharted. My god, what a game! And more followed - Uncharted 2 was excellent, Catherine, Rayman Origins, The Last of Us - man the PS3 was amazing. Yes I still played the 'essential' Nintendo titles (and spent hours on my 3DS when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate landed - and 100s more on Generations) but the PlayStation had become my main shabang for modern gaming.

I'm also a huge retro fan. Having loved the games I played as a kid, and discovering the earlier titles in franchises I loved - but it was really when I got into sprite ripping and the world of emulation that I truly discovered all there was out there on offer.

Top 10 Games:

Metal Slug X
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Frogs and Flies
Doom (2016)
Mother 3
Day of the Tentacle