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So I go to bed at a reasonable time after skipping a night of sleeping to try and reset my sleep pattern. Asleep by 10pm. Body wakes me at 3am. Why you do this body...


Waifu Uncovered has got a sequel on the Switch. Praise be to the holy ghost.


Some pro-ass Metroid Dread tips in thr comments (low level spoilers)


I think I've had enough Metroid for a while now...


Animal Crossing - some good stuff. Having that damn cat come to Amiibo cards is also hilarious.


Aeon Must Die is out. Lot o' drama there.


So that's Dread beat. Spoiler-y thoughts in the comments.


Metroid. So far so good. Only negative being that besides from already established Metroid tunes, I can't say I can recall the music while not playing.


Well thank you Google newsfeed and Nintendo Life for ruining Dread's final boss...


Flynn: Son of Crimson. Opinions please.


3pm UK time tomorrow Nintendo will reveal that Waluigi is not the final Smash character and thus, once again, our chance at perfection will be lost.




Oh dear


MH Rise comes to Steam 12th January. The crabs are back in the expansion.


When you blew out those birthday candles today, I ask, What did you wish for GM? What did you wish for?!


Home indeed


Betelgeuse — pronounced “betelgerz” or “beetlejuice" What kind of weirdo pronounces is "beh·tuhl·juhz" ...oh...


Damn, Squid Game was pretty darn good.


And another game joins my wishlist with Art of Rally coming out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on 6th October


So, they changed Bayonetta's voice or?


Was nice. But man, man, that voice cast, oh boy.


One of my brother's YouTube thumbnails has become the "official" bootleg art for a GameBoy game. Madness.


My Nintendo Prediction: Metroid Prime comes to the Switch, no not the trilogy, just the first game.


I retract a statement I made earlier this month about not enough games coming out.


So after watching a documentary about honey and all the fraud etc that goes on (including hive heist) I pop the next episode on the series about Peanuts (being in food undeclared etc) and the restaurant I used to live behind is in it.


About Goemarone of us since 12:05 AM on 06.27.2017

I started as a massive Nintendo fan. I had a SNES before, but it was really the N64 I got on my 10th birthday that really got me into gaming. I stuck with Nintendo pretty much exclusively until the DS rolled out and I played NSMB - man I hated that game. It looked awful, sounded awful and was so easy it was hardly worth paying attention to what you were doing.

The PSP and Monster Hunter stole away hundreds of hours of life and that's when I really started to look at Sony. I had missed great games like Okami, God of War (it was cool at the time), Gradius V and Metal Gear Solid

With the promise of Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter on the PS3 I snagged one as soon as I was able. In the long wait (and Monster Hunter jumping to Nintendo...) I picked up Uncharted. My god, what a game! And more followed - Uncharted 2 was excellent, Catherine, Rayman Origins, The Last of Us - man the PS3 was amazing. Yes I still played the 'essential' Nintendo titles (and spent hours on my 3DS when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate landed - and 100s more on Generations) but the PlayStation had become my main shabang for modern gaming.

I'm also a huge retro fan. Having loved the games I played as a kid, and discovering the earlier titles in franchises I loved - but it was really when I got into sprite ripping and the world of emulation that I truly discovered all there was out there on offer.

Top 10 Games:

Metal Slug X
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Frogs and Flies
Doom (2016)
Mother 3
Day of the Tentacle