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I KILL PXLS - "Restart Again" Music Video

AKA get ready to trip your balls off.     Directed, Animated, & Edited by Teddy Gage aka BahamutZero. The video is about someone who dies and begins to hallucinate as the DMT is released in their body until they&#...


I Put Out a New Album. Ask Me Anything.

So yeah, I put out an album the other day. If you haven't already, go check it out. You can stream the whole thing from HERE. It's full of video game electro dance pop goodness. 1. It�s Just a Matter of Time 2. Restart Again 3. The Rest ...


I KILL PXLS Update: Randomness + Free Demo Song

Been a while since I've made one of these huh? For those of you that don't know, I do music under the name I KILL PXLS and I've been working on a lot of stuff lately. I just updated my OFFICIAL SITE a bit so there are some new links to ...


A.M.M.O. Original Soundtrack up for Download

You guys like free music right? Good, because I've finally uploaded the A.M.M.O. Original Soundtrack for everyone to download for free. It features 7 original tracks by yours truly, I KILL PXLS and is 100% guaranteed to make you hear soun...


I Made a Dance RnB Jam about ICO...

It's called �Follow Me�. Don't know exactly how I decided to do it but it came out of me anyway. I'm uploading it for you guys to hear first since I figure you'd appreciate the references more. You can check it out oveeeeeeerrrrrrrr........


11 Things you didn't know about GuitarAtomik

Yeah, I just one upped half of you! Let's do this! 1] I wanted to be a paleontologist I had an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs as I child (and still kind of do). More so than the average child since at age 9 I could tell you what order ...


Goodbye EGM :[

Even though it's been mentioned a lot today, I just feel like I need to express my feelings on the EGM/1up thing. Basically, it's sad. I've been reading EGM since I was in the 2nd grade. It was the first video game magazine I started rea...


Bleep South + I KILL PXLS Lyrics Anyone?

Hey! Just wanted to let you know about a new CD I'm on called Bleep South. It's a compilation of a bunch of the acts who played at the Beep South All Star Bleepstravaganza in Gainesville put on by Electronic Sub South a little while back. I...


Miami NARP + New EP

So yeah, the MIAMI NARP is tomorrow and I'll be playing a set there as well as trying to figure out a way to get drunk. Hopefully you'll be there encouraging my habit. But I'm also bringing about 50 free copies of the new EP I've been worki...



Yoooooooooooo! A little I KILL PXLS news here. The new online show Bytejacker has started using "Mega Love Gun" as their new theme song. It's a show that reviews games that are only downloadable so stuff like XBLA, PSN, and Indie PC games...


How I Felt About PAX Through Interpretive Dance

I wanted to write a really long recap of my time at PAX and how awesome it was but if I put it into words, this would be a 20-30 minute read. Luckily I have this one video of MadNinja that expresses how I feel through interpretive dance.......


It's Official: Me = PAX Confirmed

Having just moved to a different house a week ago, this was a little in question but my money situation is going to be alright and I just bought my plane tickets to take me to PAX. I should be getting into Seattle around 2pm on Thursday ...


Jace Hall Vs Jack Thompson

Up on IGN's video menu thing I noticed this little video of our favorite soon-to-be-not-a-lawyer lawyer, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Jack Thompson (fuck!). It's a preview for an interview between him and Jason Hall on "The Jace Hall Show"...


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