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It is finished. NG+ and all the achievements. Fucking Groovy!


I've been playing a bit of MultiVersus. It has distracted me from finishing up Elden Ring NG+ and the last of the Achievements. I like it and I can't wait for more characters to be added.


Happy Birthday to Chronolynxx. Hope that you a groovy day dude.


Happy Birthday to The Actual Charlton Heston, the legend of Destructoid celebrity avatars. Have a groovy one dude!


Happy Birthday to Frosty and NinjaSpeed. Have a groovy day guys!


Even though it is Sunday where I live in the future here is a pic of me and my mates kitty. #Caturday


Toymania started at my work today. This year I am The Punisher.


Holy shit I did it, I beat Elden Ring. Fucking Groovy!


This came out during the end of the PS2 life cycle, controlled more like THPS than MX Vs ATV. It had a great scoring tied to bailing, including bones broken and blood lost (Before THP8 and Skate series). #underratedmonday


Approximately 127 hours into Elden Ring and I'm nearing the end. Just have to beat Malenia and the last two bosses. Im surprised I even got this far at all.


I'm enjoying Evil Dead: The Game. I only have played a few multiplayer matches and played a couple of the missions. Search for me via the social menu in game and search for DallasCFH. Any questions?


In roughly two hours I will be able to experience Evil Dead: The Game. For those who don't have me added already I'm DallasCFH on the Xbox and will update later with whatever the method is for crossplay. Keep in mind I live down under.


They moved the release time for ED to 12:01AM on the 13TH local time for everyone. I get to play a day earlier than I thought. Fucking Groovy!


Pre installing now and the have to wait 3 days to play. I can't wait.


I was just checking to see if there was anything good to claim with Prime Gaming and found a Commander Keen Skin Pack for Doom: Eternal.


Happy Birthday to Occams and Jason. Hope you guys have a groovy one.


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