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My mate bought this a few weeks ago and he got it today. I thought I would share it with the Mandy fans here.


In memory of Scott Hall I played an Elimination Chamber match as The Bad Guy against some of his classic opponents.


Since I wasn't happy with my stat allocation and I killed patches, I restarted Elden Ring.


Less then 2 hours until I finish work. Then Elden Ring and Mary Jane.


Jerry and the group upset the wrong people, the Empire. Luckily Kramer is friends with Chewbacca and the Rebel Alliance.


Getting day drunk at 11AM on a Monday, thank you America.


I wake up and find out the physical editions of Evil Dead: The Game are up for pre order. The best version sold out immediately and now Australia is not an option on the shipping. WTF?


I got a way early birthday present from my brother today:


Since I can't own them physically on Xbox and they are leaving Game Pass tonight I managed to get Yakuza Zero, Kiwami 1 and 2 for AUD$6.23 each. One day I will get back to Kiwami 1 and 2.


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