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Brought a BUNCH of mangoes for some kids. Now to see if they will actually eat them. Got Francis, Haden, and Keitt. Cost me nothing as they fell off the back of a moving truck, but I consider it a donation to my peeps.


Just got my Sega Genesis Mini II from Japan/Amazon in the mail. Man, this thing is TINY. Standard stapler used for size comparison. List of games as shown on the back in comments for those who care.


Yakuza is cool and all, but where is my Binary Domain?


Recent Target acquisition. Loving the action figures and horror related paraphernalia they've been carrying lately. Trying not to get addicted as money is tight.


PSA. Freddy's Nightmares series is now available to stream on Tubi. Haven't seen this series since it originally aired, so will be nice to revisit it once again.


A pleasant surprise in the mail today.


PSA. Just found out that Zombie Army 4 Season Pass One is now free in PS Store. May also be available on other platforms. Thought I'd give folks a heads up.


Do most of you give up halfway through a game or do you see it through to the end? Pic .. unrelated?


**FYI** Limited Run Games is now shipping out replacement discs for their pressing of Game Tengoku Cruisinmix Special. Note that you must open a ticket to get a replacement disc in the mail. Will include all missing DLC absent from the initial pressing.


Happy birthday to fellow B-movie connoisseur and all around awesome chap, C Moyse! If you are ever in the city of Chi I'd love to buy you a drink. Stay cool, bud, and have a great birthday :)


Happy Halloween D-Toid! 🎃


Malignant (2021). My personal favorite movie of the year. Started off fine, but progressively got better. That last act was so crazy and over the top. Frank Hennenlotter would approve. Fans of 80s era cheesy B-movies will find much to love.


D-Toid's front page ads are out of control.


Happy born day Mr Gundy ....


Risk of Rain 2. The bug has finally bit me and I am addicted to this game. Extremely fun, but man is it tough! I can get to the end of the 3rd stage in most runs, but then get my ass handed to me while waiting on the teleport. Trying to "git gud".


Question: What is the best "souls-like" game worth playing through? Aside from Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne I want to experience games that emulate the feel of the source material that spawned so many clones. This includes 2D games, too.


I'm taking it to the skies this weekend!


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