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Spoilarz for Detective Pikachu and a Nintendo DS cult classic in the first comment


Can you think of a single video game main character who pulls up a hood or does anything else to avoid getting wet when it rains?


PSA: Kingdom Come 1.8.1 patch (7 gigs heavy) is out and you can grab the new DLC for 8 eurobucks.


The mayor of Rome definitely copied her outfit from AC Odyssey's Kassandra.


Question from a Metal Gear newbie (only played Solid 1 and 3): where does Snake's beard in Smash come from? Isn't he supposed to be Solid rather than Big Boss?


Unlike other video game stores, which are made for fans of lawnmowers.


A friend called because he forgot his PSN password and can't remember the answer to the secret question, nor the birth date he gave (I know, I know). He called me for help, but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.


Playing Shadows of The Damned. Haven't played anything this funny since Blood Dragon.


Does anybody know if DS Prepare To Die's online features are still up? I mean, I can see people's messages and their gruesome deaths, but can I add any? Or are they all from back when the first game was removed from Steam? And do invasions still work?


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night thinking that Revali's gale is now ready?


Just finished The Ballad of Gay Tony. Much weaker than the other DLC,but I did not expect such an endearing ending to the GTA IV trilogy.


Where does the alt-right gamer stereotype come from? Most gamers I see online are decent people, honestly.


A few words on everything I played at Gamescom in the first comment.


By the way, the fact that Simon's holy water hurts every Smash fighter means that all video games are the spawn of the devil.


Fuck. Now we'll get two weeks of YouTube suggesting us to watch Youtubers pretending to get overly excited during the Smash Direct.


Splatfests are just modern day trials by ordeal.


Yes, I understood that you played Pokémon Let's Go and it was MEH, please stop telling me that.


With so many games set in WW2, is there any that tackles Holocaust? If treated tastefully, it could be an interesting way to tell one of the greatest horrors ever conceived by humanity.


"Wolfenstein II makes some accettable compromises to run on..." is a great game with an amazing title.


Thank you for all the quality content you give us :)


I ordered pizza so I could study without wasting my time cooking. Now pizza is late, I'm hungry and can't focus :(


I'm not really sure I like the new Smash's aesthetics. Everybody looks... wet.


I'm theoretically extremely hyped for Smash, but the presentation was boring as hell.


That's what I call a show. 90% of the stuff was not really exclusive, but I had a lot of fun watching it.


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