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Here's some mid. Please God bloodborne 2


There are roughly 3760 hours in the year you aren't at work or sleeping (assuming you work 2040 hours and get about 8 hours of sleep a night) I spent just under 1/3 of that on playstation


If you're a fan of so called boomer shooters with the flexibility of metroidvanias, I heavily suggest checking out enchain. Despite being in early access (there's a free demo, and I didn't even see an option to "buy" it) it is very fun (if not still jank)


What wiafus will elden ring bring us? Time will tell


It is looking like I'm going to join the military soon. Here's a Saturday comic


Yet another reason to love cardi b. Even though I don't think I've ever listened to her, she's funny af and apparently charitable


Microsoft stands by the Activision employees. That's why they're keeping kotick, they want to show you no matter how awful of a person you are, there's a place in the Microsoft monopoly


Idk how much of a hot take this is, but okumura's palace sucks a lot. I'm playing through p5 (hopefully finishing it this time) and the animation for the lunch break are way too long and the space puzzles are nonsensical


I keep being told to draw in pen, while I find it annoying to be told to change mediums because of personal preference, the person who is telling me to do it is far more experienced and knowledgeable about this kind of thing. A lesson in humility ig


This is what I ended up using in the gc


Day 2 pf self portrait challenge. I'm not really satisfied with this as a part of a project but it did give me some understanding


I'm doing a self portrait challenge, and while I don't expect every day to be this creative, none the less, I feel confident that this will help me improve


An interesting thing I've noticed about smt. The negotiating isn't necessarily a test of understanding the mechanics as it is relative wealth (minor spoilers in comments).


Living in the future is very strange. If the name weren't enough, yes this is John and yoko's child


Could be just me, but tga felt more like a commercial than ever this year.


Which do you think would be longer, playing every single game mario is in (by name or model) to completion, or beating every jrpg playable on the ds line of consoles (vc, gba, ds, 3ds)?


My very important work doodles continue unabated


Got my birthday present early this year and discovered a truly great shop theme. Am I high o(and)r this is good?


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