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What if tlou part 1 ends up being tlou but from ellie's perspective? It seemingly would justify the remake, be a way to have a third game, and quell any fears that this would some how ruin a game that already exists.


I have deactivated my Facebook, right now I don't have any social media I'm active on. I have also lost over 40 lbs this year, and am giving up weed for the foreseeable future. I'm sharing this more for myself than anyone else but I need a change


You know I expected elden ring to die down by now.


"Food was scarece. Water even scarecer." The halo TV show cost an estimated 90 million usd, and they couldn't afford just moderately better writers? Pic unrelated


Bdsp was on sale and I'm convinced this is the pokemon game that swsh should have looked like.


In 1000 years someone is going to discover venture Brothers and there will be a academic debate about what a "rusty venture" really is. Just you wait and see


Halo the TV show should have been about hallsey while John was barely in it and just grunted. However, they did great making her evil, and portraying the UNSC as the bad guys they kind of are


I just want everyone on qtoid to know, John 117 canonically does not have the physical ability to be aroused, and it was great when there was one asexual character in media. I will not be taking questions. In other news, splitgate is brilliant


One of my favorite moments in pokemon red and blue, was getting out of pallet town. I was so confused as to what to do (I was a dumb 8 year old) because I was told don't go in the grass. Moments like this won't ever be in pokemon again


So my nonsequitor today is elden ring passed 13.4 million units in March. It isn't unreasonable to see skyrim/tw3 numbers by the end of the year


Anyone else in to gojira? I just started exploring the band after not caring for them for the last 3 or 4 years, it clicked and I'm obsessed


It would be cool if sony bought bungie, then made an agreement to let bungie work on halo infinite, or the halo 3 rumors. In exchange infinite comes to ps w/cross play. I can dream damnit


If the new mode is the halo br, then halo has the coolest br out there rn, and figured out how to make an arena shooter br. If not, halo has the coolest new pvp mode in a shooter since gun game (imo)


Man, I kind of wanted to shit on halo, but I guess all I wanted was a little variety. I'm actually looking forward to playing season 2


Dyk potatoes flower? I saw these about 3 days ago, but they're much prettier now. Too bad I'm supposed to prune them


An underrated aspect is that from games are written truly like mythology. Meaning you can apply mythology study techs to the game and get good results.


This is genuine advice. If you're finding elden ring too hard, vigor doesn't work in a linear fashion. Try hitting minimum 40 vigor


Now that the weed version of the purge is over, Marijuana is back to being illegal.


To all my fellow junkies happy high-school holiday day


I've got tomatoes (?) Sprouting! I also realized that Microsoft might be solving the problem with piracy and hold on to your butts because it's a doozy of speculation. I am also not sure if it's consumer friendly.


I've now joined the club of people who have seen "everything everywhere all at once." It is a movie I knew nothing about before seeing and it is also imo the best movie to come out since parasite.


I'm not going to rant about ads in video games (this isn't a new concept and i don't think anyone disagrees with my position so there's no point) Instead I want to shout out the detroiters. It's an excellent show that has no right being this good


Question: is the series "God of War" hard? I ask because I've been playing the series since I was 14 or so and never found it particularly hard, at least I didn't feel like it was. Now I've heard twice that others consider it hard.


Today on "People are really bad at critical lit analysis": elden ring "fans" don't think elden ring has a running theme with trans characters Update in comments


It's been over a month and elden hype hasn't died. It feels weird because I can't think of a game in the last 2 or 3 (or really since botw) that this is true of


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