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What's in the box? Edit: everyone was wrong. It's a Switch OLED


Just bought a $70 switch ecard. "You've bought this item 22 times"


Slay the Spire has absorbed my life


Here's my poem for the day: Hey guys, what the fuck? I press 0 to roll but instead I duck. Oh, wait, I'm playing on switch. Having multiple consoles is such a bitch.


I never played Chrono trigger, so I think Im going to pick up Cross because I'm not tainted, I guess. After I finish Sophie.


Today is the day we honor Gandalf the gray, for sacrificing himself so we may fly.


Finally get to watch Paramount+ and the Picard series and... The subtitles are tiny and black on black. Wtf?


Just wrapped up Far: Changing Tides. It was a fun, short adventure. Now to try I Am Setsuna


Ok, so: Horizon FW - just kind of A Game(tm) Elden Ring - hey, it's a From game! Stranger of Paradise - hey, it's a From game! So I decided to try something completely different: Far Cry 6!


Chaos / Eta such an interesting game. I'm glad there is a demo. Of course I keep hitting the wrong button to evade


Top Gun has one of the greatest movie opening scenes ever


Mario+Rabbids is pretty fun


Alas, Rise of the Third Power has fallen into the same groove of so many jrpgs- got stale and I'm not invested in the story enough to see it through. It's been a good 18 hours but time to move one.


Atelier H'what: Colonel Sanders and the Secret Recipe


Has anybody else tried that Edge of Eternity switch demo? Was it just me or did it last what, five minute


What happened to the Relayer demo?


Wife is out of town the next two weekends. HZDFW, elder ring, or dying lite too?


Elden ring is the sonic of dark souls


Not gonna lie, No Man's Sky might be my favorite game of all my 40 years.


Enjoying my time with Rise of the Third Power. Only been about three hours but it's a solid old school rpg.


Current gen Spiderman and Batman are identical characters, only ones a manic and the other a depressive. These days I find Spiderman a better character because I enjoy the bright spots in the face of darkness.


Got a bunch of beer, a bunch of food, generator is full and ready and Switch is charged. Bring on the blizzard! Edit: even though it's been snowing for hours, there is actually LESS snow on the ground because the wind is scouring it all away.


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