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I pre-ordered the psvr2. Fight me.


Got so cold our well froze below the frost line so we haven't had water for 24+ hours. At least a pipe didn't burst, and I'd rather drink beer anyway.


Current status (in comments):


When did we all just decide to accept that S tier is better than A?


Expecting windchills of -40F (-40c) degrees tomorrow. Fffuuuuuuu.....


I think I'm at about 90/10 lifetime for spending money on games I end up not liking vs ones I do.


Polished off the Titanfall 2 replay, now onto WiFi Bush! Or hifi rush whatever


Started replaying the Titanfall 2 campaign and damn I still love it so much.


Watching the last of us and all I think when I see FEDRA:


Happy 2023! Edit - funny picture never attached. 2023 sucks already.


Happy nude beer you sad sacks. May 2023 be the year of mtx nft's we all want it to be


Finished season 1 of Severance. Damn, that last episode was intense. My ranking of season finales from all time best to all time worst: 1. Breaking Bad 2. ... 3. Dexter


Your top three games of all time, GO. Rose tinted glasses expected.


Haven't had power for hours. No internet. Handheld gaming systems dead. Two beers left. Urge to kill: rising.


Have you ever fired your gun in the air and gone arrggh


Tried the AstLibra demo on Deck and couldn't put it down. Instant buy for me. It's got some jank and the design choice to mix photos with pixel graphics is definitely questionable, the gameplay loop was fun for the three hours it took to get through.


Got two wisdom teeth pulled the same day Trump announces his "superhero" NFTs. Coincidence?


I can't see any replies on disqus. Just takes me to some stupid metrics site.


Borped a BUNCH of bing bong because of some boop. now to bork a bleep blop. Got a Biffy, a Bubbub, and a bippity boppity boop. Bazinga.


Today I learned the steam deck has a touch screen and mines been broken since day one 😞


Front Mission 1st: Remake? Moar like Front MISSING EVERY SHOT I TAKE. Also, I kitted out a mech to do only melee attacks, and now the game freezes every time I try to melee so that save is borked


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