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What's the most intelligently rewarding game you've ever played?


Throw my hat in ring for Prey. Good flick, worth a watch.


I did not double post


Mio is cute and all but dayum, Eunie has my heart


I'm having trouble understanding the cancel system in xeno3. The tutorial says you can cancel upwards a few times but I can't ever seem to manage more than auto into art, once. What am I missing?


I've got something for you I've got something for you I've got something for you I've got something for you


Played through final fantasy xv pocket edition. It sure is... A mobile game.


It's Friday, get Xenopaid Gonna garden with my Xenospade Then mix some vodka and Xenoade And try to get Xenolaid


Wanted to play Returnal but not willing to spend $70 so I just upgraded my PS for $20 for the next 188 days. So yeah, Returnal is pretty cool.


Happy Charlestown, South Carolina day apparently


What's the most rewarding game style\genre for you?


Just another day of programming


Currently playing Monster Sanctuary and am fully engaged. I never Poke'd the mon before so I don't know if it's anything similar but if it is, I've been missing out.


4.5 hours into KOTOR and... Yeah, not feeling it. I'm sure it was great 20 years ago but it's not grabbing me.


I just don't even know what's supposed to be an ironic joke or what's supposed to be serious anymore.


Bout to wrap up Azure Saga. Fun little jrpg that actually makes you want to constantly swap characters for tactical advantage. Cheers to the devs for putting their heart into it.


Tom Holland as Tom Holland in the new movie: A Tom Holland Movie but with a Different Background


Double post sure, but wtf switch store?


Extreme personal opinion time: SMT V is boooring


Republicans: Abortions are illegal. Nine months later: so, uh, is child support.


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